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   Chapter 648 Destination Memory

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Sheryl lowered her head slightly as if nothing had happened. She did not look at Sue nor Anthony. She simply kept to herself.

Noticing Sheryl's reaction, Anthony told Sue,"I just arrived, and haven't had time to tell you yet."

Sue smiled and asked,"What is it? Are you going out?"

"Yes," replied Anthony,"we're going out to have something to eat. Would you like to join us?" His tone, however, gave him away.

Sue realized that Anthony was just being polite, so she shook her head in refusal and lied,"No, no, I... I've already had my dinner. Thank you though."

She then threw him a half-smile and felt the need to add,"Let's eat together next time. I won't bother you now."

Sue obviously didn't mean it, but couldn't show that.

Although she had a fall out with Sheryl, she could not let Anthony know so; otherwise, he would be done with her as well.

That meant she would not stand a chance with him any longer. So she tried her best to put on an act for his sake.

Anthony was no fool, however. He knew something was up. Thankfully, the elevator opened up shortly after her words. He faked a smile too, and tried to end the awkward conversation. "All right, well... will see you later then." With a respectful nod towards Sue, he grabbed Sheryl's hand and stepped inside the elevator.

As soon as the doors closed, he turned his face to Sheryl and inquired,"Ok Sher, what is going on with you?"

Startled, Sheryl could only let out a confused "Huh?" With her eyebrows raised high, she looked at him and asked,"Sorry, what did you say?"

Anthony clarified on a slow pace,"I want to know... what happened between you and Sue. You two are acting quite strange today."

Sheryl didn't want Anthony to know anything. So, in true reverse psychology style, she joked,"Oh you know, we fight over guys every day." She went on forcing a laugh and pretended like nothing was wrong. "C'mon! You're overthinking it. There isn't anything going on between us. We are good friends."

That left Anthony even more confused. Therefore, he insisted,"But you two... didn't even exchange a word just now."

Fortunately, the elevator reached the ground floor quickly. So Sheryl took the opportunity and changed the subject,"All right. Hurry up." She grabbed Anthony's hand and pulled him out of the elevator saying,"I'm hungry."

He eventually gave up and replied,"Ok, fine. Let's go." Then, heading over to a fancy car parked nearby, Anthony opened the passenger door for Sheryl to get inside. Sheryl didn't know where Anthony had gotten the car from, but she didn't ask either. They both got in and he started heading towards the suburbs. About half an hour later, they stopped in a dark, though full parking lot. The place looked eerie. Sheryl could not help but feel apprehensive; so she asked him,"Are you sure this is the right place?"

"Yes," Anthony confirmed with a nod. At the sight of Sheryl's suspicious look, he continued,"We're not there yet, though. We have to get out of the car and walk for a few more minutes."


proceeded to ask Anthony,"Has she ever... lost her memory?"

Anthony was stunned by the doctor's words. He looked him right in the eyes, paused, and then hesitantly released his collar. He replied in the affirmative with a troubled stare.

His suspicions were killing him, so he had to clarify,"But... what does her coma have to do with her amnesia? Listen, I'm also a doctor and I know it's almost impossible for her to recover her memories."

The doctor disagreed,"Just because she hasn't remembered anything so far, it doesn't mean she won't. Yes, the chances are slim, but they still exist." He fixed his collar and then continued,"She is showing symptoms of recovery... increased brain activity in her hippocampus, new electrical signals on her MRI scan indicating perhaps new synapses, as well as random babbles in her sleep. Since you're a doctor, you must recognize the symptoms too."

Wide-eyed, Anthony expressed his disbelief,"Nooo, it's impossible." He stared at the doctor with his mouth open for a while and eventually began arguing again,"In none of the clinical case studies for her medicine has anyone recovered their memories, even partially. How do you explain that?"

"Keep your voice down, please!" the doctor demanded with an irritated tone. What was happening to Sheryl wasn't his fault, so he didn't have to take Anthony's bad mood. He straightened out and then explained further,"As I already mentioned, just because it hasn't happened yet, it doesn't mean it won't. There have not been enough case studies done on this medicine, anyway. So she might be its new breakthrough. Right now, all you should do is be there for her and help her through the process. We do not know what may happen next."

The doctor was eager to end the conversation. So without even waiting for an answer from Anthony, he turned around and left him standing there all alone.

Anthony did not know how to react. He was in complete shock. Sheryl was about to recover her memory. His chest suddenly started feeling heavy.

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