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   Chapter 647 Anthony Comes Back

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Updated: 2019-03-02 00:10

About three o'clock, Anthony knocked on Sheryl's door. Shirley rushed to open the door. Upon seeing Anthony there, she jumped into his arms and said with happiness,"Tony, you are back finally!"

Anthony hugged Shirley with love and kissed her on the cheek. He asked with a broad smile,"Did you miss me, sweetie?"

"Yes, I did!" Shirley said vigourously nodding her head. She added,"I missed you so much that I did not sleep every day."

Sheryl laughed and exposed Shirley's lie,"Anthony, don't believe this little liar. She only cared about her play during your absence. She slept very soundly every night and didn't show the smallest sign of missing you."

Sheryl looked at Shirley with amusement and affection. She wondered why Shirley was so naughty. Her daughter was so different from her in nature.

"She knows that you bring loads of gifts for her every time you come back from a trip. She was just flattering you." Sheryl voiced Shirley's true reason for the warm welcome she showed Anthony.

"Sher!" Shirley tried to stop Sheryl from exposing her but it was too late. The damage was done. She stared at Sheryl with an injured look and told her not to spread lies about her any more.

"Fine, I will keep all your secrets safe from now on," Sheryl promised with a laugh as she busied herself cleaning the room.

"Look Shirley, look what are these?" Many toys suddenly and magically appeared in Anthony's hands. Anthony said with a smile,"I choose to believe Shirley did miss me. I don't care whether she lied or not."

Sheryl felt very pleased with Anthony's love for Shirley.

Shirley squealed with joy and grabbed the toys. She took the toys to her room. She began playing with all the toys in no time. Anthony closed the door and walked up to Sheryl. He hugged her tightly from behind. He pressed his face on her shoulder and asked her with affection,"Sher, did you miss me?"

Sheryl gently moved out of

nvolved in their playful banter about the secret place, when the door of the elevator opened. Sheryl was embarrassed when she saw Sue in it.

It was the first time they were seeing each other since their quarrel. Both Sheryl and Sue felt awkward and embarrassed.

"Hi, Sue! Why are you here?" Anthony greeted. He didn't know all that had happened between Sheryl and Sue. He was surprised to see Sue there and thought she had come to meet Sheryl. Then he recalled Sheryl had told him that Sue lived in the house opposite to Sheryl's. "Oh! I forgot. You live here too," he said.

Anthony glanced at the food boxes in her hands and asked,"Did you go out to pick up some food?"

"Yes," Sue answered with hesitation. Then she tried to hide the boxes behind her back secretly. "Anthony, when did you get back? Why didn't you inform me?" she asked Anthony without glancing at Sheryl even once.

Sue felt regret as soon as she uttered the words. 'Why should he inform you of his return?

Sheryl is his girlfriend and he only needs to keep her informed. You have no right to know such details, ' she scolded herself painfully.

"I..." Anthony stammered as he was taken aback. He cast a glance at Sheryl in embarrassment. He really didn't know how to answer Sue's strange question.

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