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   Chapter 646 Junia, I Will Help You

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Laura looked at Junia's face and continued with a wry chuckle,"Anthony is infatuated with such a woman. Still I could have respected his choice. But how can I accept the fact that she has a daughter. He may not be a golden bachelor, but he is undoubtedly eligible. It is easy for him to find a good girlfriend no matter what. Why is he looking for trouble? Is it worth keeping a relationship with a single mother? Is it worth being her daughter's stepfather? How can I accept such things? After all, I am his mother and he is my only son." Her face became gloomy as she spoke.

She heaved a deep sigh and said,"I didn't agree to meet that woman in the past three years. She can never be my daughter-in-law. No matter how her past has been, her present is, or her future will be, it is impossible for me to allow him to marry her."

Laura's words made Junia's head hurt. She thought, 'According to Aunt Laura's statement, Anthony loves that woman so much! He loves her not because where she comes from, how much money she has, or anything else. The only reason he loves her is that she is unique and truly herself. His love for her is absolutely unconditional.' Junia was slowly getting clarity of the entire situation in her mind.

"Yesterday I cheated him and said that it was a causal meal. I didn't tell him it was a blind date. I wanted him to meet you. As a mother I feel it is my duty to see that my son gets settled with a nice girl," Laura sighed and said honestly. "My son and I have had a lot of disagreement in regards to his love affairs for the past three years. I could not think of any idea of how to persuade him to break up with that woman. But when you came back from abroad, I got a ray of hope."

Junia was staring at Laura and listening to her words patiently with utmost care. Laura was rather impressed with the kind of compassion this girl was showing towards her son. It made her hopeful and she poured her heart out,"I really like you. I know you will make a very good wife for my son. I would like you to be my daughter-in-law. Yesterday I didn't tell him it was a blind date. You are so kind, gentle, beautiful and generous. I thought if he met you once he would definitely have feelings for you, so I cheated him to attend the lunch. I am sorry I underestimated his affection for that woman."

She patted Junia's hand and apologized to her sincerely,"Junia, I am really sorry. I never meant to hurt your self-esteem. I feel regretted and hope you could forgive me." She looked at Junia with almost teary eyes. Motherly concern mixed with insecurity for her son and guilt for having played with Junia's emotions and more than anything helplessness in Laura's eyes was clearly visible to Junia.

"Aunt Laura, it was not your fault. There is no need to apologize," Junia said, frowning. She accepted the apology with great generosity. She kept her hand on Laura's hands. Laura lowered her eyes and picked one tissue paper to wipe her eyes. 'Now I have told her everything. If she has been even slightly moved by Anthony after yesterday's meeting, she would agree to marry him, ' she thought to herself.

As Junia learnt more about Anthony, she was intrigued by the dedication and faithfulness of this man. She thought, 'He is surely a good man with a noble heart. If I become his girlfriend, he will possibly love me with his whole heart.

But what makes him so obsessed with that woman? He is even fighting with his mother because of her. I am really curious about her. Is she beautiful? Or is she s

If that woman is smart enough, she will know I don't support their relationship. And she will know that I will never accept her into my family. That may make her to leave my son." Laura's face became somber when she schemed about the impending meeting with Anthony's girlfriend. She then looked at Junia and asked,"Are you free for the next two or three days? Why don't you come with me?"

"Where do you want to go?" Junia asked. She was rather surprised at this sudden proposal made by Laura. In her mind, she was still struggling whether to pursue Anthony or not. It was not easy for anyone to refuse such an eligible man. And apart from his impressive personality, Junia was rather blown away by his faithfulness. If she could win his heart, she would be surely live a happy life. But if he couldn't, she would be deeply hurt in the process of pursuing him.

Laura gave a scornful laugh and said,"Let's meet that shameless woman. Let's just go and see what kind of woman has caught my son's fancy? I have to say, I am curious to meet her. And now that you have heard so much about her, I am sure even you would be equally curious. Aren't you?"

Junia though for a while weighing up the pros and cons from all sides and agreed. In fact she was interested in Anthony's girlfriend. She thought, 'I remember her name is Sheryl. She has a daughter. How could she win Anthony's loyalty? I am curious to know."

It was 1 p.m. Sheryl helped Shirley get dressed. Shirley looked bright and pretty in a comfortable dress.

"Sher, are you taking me out?" Shirley looked at her mother curiously and asked, tilting her head.

"Yes," Sheryl replied with a smile as she combed Shirley's hair and tied her hair in a ponytail. "Your dear Tony is coming back. He will take us out for dinner. Are you happy to hear that?"

Shirley was overjoyed to hear that. Her smile took up half her face and she was even singing. Anthony was a good uncle for her. She would be happier if he could be her father. But she could not understand the reason behind her mother not being ready to get married to him.

Sheryl had intended to meet Anthony at the airport with Shirley. Anthony declined the offer and asked them to wait at home. He would take them to a good place when he arrived.

Anthony was mysterious and excited on the phone. Sheryl agreed and waited for him.

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