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   Chapter 644 Do You Love Him

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"But..." Junia started to say something but was interrupted by the ringing of Jasmine's phone. Their conversation paused.

Jasmine glanced at her phone. When she saw the name of the caller, she said with a sarcastic smile,"What a coincidence! I am also wanting to call her. Let's see what she has to say!"

Jasmine answered the phone in anger,"What do you want, Laura Ding? You know what your son did to my daughter. Now you dare to call me! How can you be so shameless?"

Laura felt a little worried. She wanted to know exactly what had happened so she called Jasmine as soon as Anthony went upstairs. To her surprise, she was greeted by Jasmine's bitter words.

Laura realized Jasmine must be annoyed at Anthony's misbehaviour.

She heaved a sigh and managed to ask in a mild tone,"What happened, Jasmine? Why are you so angry? Don't speak to me so harshly. After all, our kids will marry one day and we will be relatives."

"Don't pretend you know nothing!" Jasmine scolded,"I think we will never be relatives! My daughter isn't good enough for your son. Just give up the idea to get them married. My daughter can also marry someone far better if your son doesn't want her."

"What you think is not true!" Laura objected. Then she asked,"What happened between them? I really don't know."

Jasmine said,"Stop pretending! I don't believe you know nothing about what your son has done! I know you have called me just to humiliate me further!"

Becoming angrier she added,"From now onwards, my family will break all contact with yours."

"Jasmine!" Laura beseeched. "I swear I don't know what happened. Please tell me all that transpired. Maybe it was just a mistake that we can correct."

"I don't believe you," Jasmine adamantly said. "Your son shouldn't have a

lite to Laura but Laura could hear the coldness in her voice.

Junia didn't mention anything about Anthony but only asked a brief question.

"I'm sorry, Junia," Laura apologized. Smiling bitterly she continued,"It was all my fault. I am responsible for hurting your feelings."

"Don't apologize, Aunt Laura." Junia said with a smile,"It was not your fault. Anthony and I are just not suitable for each other. That is all."

"No, no… That is hardly the reason." Laura said,"Junia, I want to know if you have any feelings or liking for Anthony."

Junia hesitated for a while. She considered clearly and realized she did like Anthony very much. If only the unpleasant little incident at the movie theater had not happened.

But she also recalled what Anthony told her as they were entering the theater. Anthony had clearly stated that he had a girlfriend already. He had told her that she had no chance to win his heart no matter how hard she tried or how deeply she loved him.

She smiled bitterly and said,"It doesn't matter whether I love him or not. He told me he has a girlfriend and they are going to get married soon. You are wrong to compel him to date other girls."

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