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   Chapter 643 Junia’s Grievance

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Anthony left Junia alone outside the cinema. Junia didn't have the strength to shout anymore. She didn't do anything but watch Anthony's receding figure. When Anthony arrived home, he saw his mother lying leisurely on the sofa while watching a sitcom. Laura was so surprised to see Anthony back home so soon. She sensed that something went wrong, so her merriment turned into worry.

Laura immediately interrogated Anthony,"Anthony, why are you home so soon? Aren't you supposed to spend more time with Junia?" "You should have had dinner together after the movie. Then you should have taken her home," Laura kept on nagging to Anthony.

"Mom, Junia is old enough to go home by herself. I don't think there could be any threat to her safety," Anthony replied dryly. "We couldn't think of anything more to do, so we parted ways after seeing the movie," he added.

Laura didn't have any choice but to let it pass. Instead, she asked,"So, what do you think about her?" Before Anthony could answer, she added,"I think Junia is very appropriate to be your wife. We can arrange your wedding immediately..."

"Mom!" Anthony interrupted her remaining words. "If it were not because of our compromise, I wouldn't have gone to the movie with her. Please don't forget about that. I don't want to have anything to do with Junia anymore in the future, so please let this matter drop.

Mom, please don't bother to arrange any blind dates for me ever again," he requested.

Anthony looked at Laura meaningfully and reminded her,"Since I have already fulfilled my promise to see a movie with Junia, it's now your turn to fulfill yours. I will arrange your meeting with Sheryl very soon."

Upon hearing it, Laura couldn't help but express her displeasure,"Junia is much more suitable to be your wife than Sheryl."

"Mom..." Hearing Laura insulting Sheryl brought much agitation to Anthony. He knew that Sheryl would really b

t Jasmine wouldn't stop questioning her, so she had finally gave in and told her everything.

When Junia finished narrating, Jasmine flew into rage. "I could condone Anthony's frankness that he dislikes you. But slighting and belittling you is definitely unacceptable. I must deal with him!"

Jasmine sneered and continued,"I would never be appeased until this matter is settled."

Jasmine was capable of challenging Anthony and his family.

If not for Laura's reassurance, Jasmine wouldn't have asked her daughter to go to this date. She believed when Laura said that Anthony also liked Junia. And since she saw that Junia had already fallen for Anthony, she thought that her daughter would be happy to have a date with Anthony.

Never did she expect that Anthony would humiliate her daughter by instantly rejecting her. Anthony indeed hurt Junia so deeply.

Jasmine's impulse was to demand an explanation from Anthony's family but Junia stopped her. "Mom, it would be more humiliating if we continue pressing this matter. I couldn't bear any forms of humiliation from Anthony again."

"No! You deserve an explanation. They must give me a satisfying explanation." Jasmine was firm with her words. Jasmine thought that she had every reason to avenge for her daughter.

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