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   Chapter 642 A Movie Date

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Junia was so overcome with Anthony's charm that she would be willing to do anything just to get this man.

After buying drinks for them, Junia came back to Anthony. He handed her the movie ticket and urged her to enter the cinema.

Junia gleefully looked for a convenient seat for both of them. Anthony was behind her. When she found the best spot, she turned to Anthony, only to find out that he had already seated at the last row.

She wrinkled her nose and complained,"Anthony, what are you doing there? Why don't you sit beside me?" Junia got disappointed to see Anthony afar. Meanwhile, other movie goers urged her to give way.

Junia had no other choice but to wait for other movie goers to settle in their seats before she could go back to where Anthony was seated. When she approached him, she couldn't hide the displeasure in her voice. "Why did you choose to sit here and leave me alone there?"

"This is my seat," Anthony replied coolly. "There were no available seats next to each other, so I've only gotten two separate seats," he explained.

When he noticed Junia's seething indignation, Anthony dismissed her roughly,"Go back to your seat now. The film is about to start. You should enjoy it."

Junia wasn't aware that Anthony purposely ordered two separate tickets, so he could stay away from her during the movie. Although Anthony acceded to Laura's demand to see a movie with Junia, he didn't intend to pretend to like her.

Junia was really furious because of Anthony's indifference. However, she didn't have any choice but to contain her anger since they were in a public place.

Junia didn't pay much attention to the movie all throughout. Besides, the only reason she was here was to get close to Anthony yet she failed. After the movie, Anthony went out first. Junia who was still boiling with anger, rushed towards him and shouted,"Anthony, stop!"

"Miss Sun, what's up?" Anthony glanced at Junia with a sneer. "I think I have already fulfill

miliation to Junia.

"Well... I am so sorry for that," Anthony admitted he was at fault. After all, he only acceded to this date, so Laura would give Sheryl a chance to talk to her. It was what he and Laura agreed earlier.

Anthony felt somewhat guilty for using Junia.

"Miss Sun, please accept my apology," Anthony asked sincerely. He continued to explain,"I only went to see the movie with you because my mother and I had a compromise. But now that you have seen my indifference, I hope this will be the end. Is that okay?"

"You..." Junia seethed. She felt like she was bullied all along. But she still asked another question,"Is it because you are already taken?"

Junia hit the nail on the head. So, Anthony only confirmed,"Yes, I am already very much taken. I have been in a relationship with her for three years and now I already intend to marry her. Miss Sun, I strongly believe that you are a sensible person and would never allow yourself to be a man's mistress." "So I suggest that we better end this as early as now. We should not have any communications at all," Anthony continued.

Anthony sensed that Junia was already on the verge of tears, so he tried to console her,"Miss Sun, I am not your match. You deserve someone better than me. Please forgive me for causing you any inconvenience."

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