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   Chapter 641 Go To A Movie

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Dinner was being had without any interruptions. Anthony remained blissfully oblivious to the true purpose of the dinner. He stayed quiet for most of the time and ate his food, while sitting to the right of Junia. Unable to bear the awkward silence, Junia spoke up. "Anthony, I heard you used to be a doctor. What was that like?" she asked softly.

"Yes, that's true." Anthony took a pause from eating and answered with a hesitant nod. "But I quit my job at the hospital a few years ago and started a small business," he added as he glanced at the expectant look on Junia's face.

"What a pity," Junia said, her voice conveying genuine regret. Being a doctor was a very prestigious profession and she felt bad that he was no longer one. "I remember Aunt Laura said your family has practiced medicine for generations. Don't you think it is a noble profession?"

She paused, waiting for Anthony's response. "I'm afraid I can't agree with you." Anthony smiled wanly and continued,"Everyone has their own ambitions and desires."

Laura and Jasmine, who were sitting opposite them, were delighted to hear them talking. Laura's face lit up with happiness and she clapped her hands in excitement. "They seem to be enjoying the conversation," she whispered in Jasmine's ear. "Maybe their relationship will work out the way we want it to."

"If they really get together, I will be very grateful to you," Jasmine said and smiled broadly at her co-conspirator. "Junia is excellent in many ways, but in love, she is quite awkward. It always worries me that she has never had a boyfriend."

In fact, Jasmine had urged her daughter on several occasions to find a boyfriend. Worse, every time Jasmine mentioned it, they would have a quarrel. It was the first time that she had seen Junia so attentive to a man as Junia's glowing eyes had betrayed her.

"What are you talking about, Jasmine?" Laura replied. "That's also what I want. As Anthony's mother, I sincerely hope they can be together."

Excited, they both agreed to sound out their children when they went back home. Contrary to the heated discussion between the mothers, the communication between the two young people didn't go on smoothly.

Junia tried to be talktive to attract Anthony's attention, while she was greeted with a lack of enthusiasm. Anthony did not show the slightest interest in her. He answered Junia's questions casually.

At the beginn

h her. I hope you will keep your promise," Anthony reminded his mother. As Laura nodded, he could not help smiling.

Laura led Anthony back to Junia and said,"Junia, please don't be angry with Anthony. He does have something to do this afternoon, but I just asked him to put it off until tomorrow. Enjoy your movie!"

"Really?" Junia asked Anthony, looking highly sceptical.

Anthony nodded his head in confirmation, and then urged,"Let's hurry."

With that, he strode ahead. A delighted Junia turned to her parents. "Dad, mom, we're leaving now. I may be late for home tonight."

'Anthony will probably invite me to dinner after the movie, ' she thought happily.

Seeing the bright smile on her daughter's face, Jasmine was glad. As Anthony and Junia were out of earshot, she said to Laura,"Never did we expect that Junia would like Anthony. We should have come back earlier. In that case, I might have grandchildren now."

"I bet," Laura laughed, but still a little worried.

Anthony was not the type to compromise easily. Although he agreed to Laura's request, no one could predict what he would do.

'Now that Anthony wants me to meet her so badly, I will do as he wants. It is not appropriate for me to find excuses all the time.

Let me see what kind of woman my son is crazy about, ' Laura pondered.

She planed to scare Sheryl off.

When Anthony and Junia arrived at the theater, they saw a list of movies on the big screen. "I'm going to buy the tickets now. Which one do you prefer?" Junia asked Anthony.

Anthony picked a boring movie before saying,"I'll buy the tickets."

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