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   Chapter 640 An Acceptable Daughter-in-law

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5716

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"It's nonsense..." Jasmine and Laura were so busy exchanging cordiality that they had almost forgotten Anthony's and Vince's presence.

It was only later that Jasmine realized the need to introduce Vince to Laura.

Jasmine drew Vince closer to Laura and introduced him,"This is my husband, Vince Sun. I think you are old acquaintances."

"Definitely," Laura replied with a smile. "We haven't seen each other for more than a decade but you seem not to change at all, Vince. You still look the same," Laura added.

"This young lad is..." Jasmine stared at Anthony with growing fondness. Anthony was a tall and handsome man. In addition to his good looks, he was also able to manage his own company. Any mothers would immediately accept him for a son-in-law and Jasmine was not an exception.

"Let me introduce him to you." Laura promptly drew Anthony closer to Jasmine and Vince. "This is my son, Anthony Xiao," she introduced and urged Anthony to greet them.

"Aunt Jasmine and Uncle Vince, I consider it a blessing to have finally met you. I've been looking forward to this meeting." Being in the business world for quite a long time, Anthony already knew how to sweet-talk.

"Anthony, you are indeed a sweet-talker." Jasmine was already considering taking Anthony as a son-in-law.

Jasmine grasped Laura's arm and whispered,"Laura, I want to take Anthony as my son-in-law to secure our old ties."

"That's not a problem with me. I take pride in my son," Laura said in a beaming smile. "Just like you, I also want Junia to be my daughter-in-law," she added.

"I definitely believe in you," Jasmine said with a smile. She continued,"Even before, I have never doubted your personality and yo

hony was afraid that Junia Sun would get embarrassed as well.

"Son, we are already like families here. What's there to be ashamed of?" Laura replied with a calm smile.

From the beginning, Junia Sun had been casting stealthy flirtatious glances at Anthony.

Jasmine assumed that Junia Sun was picky when it came to love. But now Junia believed she had met her Mr. Right. "Junia Sun."

Junia Sun extended her hand to shake Anthony's after introducing herself.

"Anthony Xiao," Anthony introduced himself back. He reached out his hand to meet hers.

"Anthony Xiao..." Junia murmured. She seemed to memorize Anthony's name by heart.

"Well, let's have dinner," Vince motioned everyone to sit down and start eating. Anthony was about to sit beside Laura but she urged him to sit beside Junia Sun. She was obviously starting the matchmaking thing.

Thus, Anthony had to regard Laura's wish that he sit beside Junia Sun. Junia Sun was fully aware of the purpose of this dinner — that was to matchmake her and Anthony.

But for Anthony's impression, Junia Sun was a kind of woman who would reject such a blind date like this.

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