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   Chapter 639 The Appointment With Jasmine

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Carlson was amazed to see the delectable spread at the dinner table. "Are these all prepared by our son?" Carlson asked in amazement. Anthony had never made any food at home before. Carlson couldn't believe his son had become such a wonderful cook.

"Of course he made all of these," Laura said with a smile as she arranged a plate for Carlson. Carlson took his seat at the dining table and looked forward to the breakfast eagerly.

"Good morning, dad," Anthony greeted Carlson. As soon as he saw his father coming to the dining table, he took the plates from Laura and asked her to take a seat. He cooked the food and wanted to serve his parents in his own hands. He put bowls and chopsticks in front of his parents and said,"The breakfast is ready. Let's have it now!"

Carlson felt pleased. He had a large bowl of porridge and many fried dumplings. It was a common breakfast, but he felt it extremely yummy. It had been ages since they had sat together for a meal with their son.

"How does it taste, Dad?" Anthony asked Carlson. Anthony was a little nervous because he cooked for his parents for the first time. Both his parents were engrossed in their respective bowls.

Carlson nodded his head and said,"Very good."

Then he took some soybean milk and said,"I'm full now. And it's time to go to work. Anthony, come with me."

"Okay." Anthony nodded and rose from his seat. He then turned to his mother and said,"Mom, I'll be back soon."

As they walked towards the gate of their house, Carlson said to Anthony,"Now that you have learnt your mother's disease, I hope you can show her some more concern. Don't irritate her again, okay?"

"Don't worry, dad. I won't do that," Anthony spoke in an apologetic manner. Then he promised,"What happened yesterday was just an accident because I didn't know mom's condition at that time. I promise I won't annoy her any more. You can go to work without any worries. I am here to take care of her."

"Your mom is going to have lunch with Jasmine today. You'd better go with her to make sure she does not fall ill." Carlson shared some words of advice with Anthony. Anthony had been away from them for the last three years. And now that he was back, his parents left no stone unturned to bond with him.

Anthony nodded dutifully and said,"Okay dad, I will." Carlson gave a smile to Anthony and patted his back before getting on to the car.

After seeing Carlson off, Anthony went back to the house. Laura was still at the dining table relishing her b

t change your clothes as I said."

Anthony felt weird but got changed according to Laura's wish as he did not want to get into an argument or create any kind of stress for his mother. The next moment he showed up in a suit. Laura nodded her head and exclaimed,"Ah! That's like my son. See how dapper you look in a suit!"

Anthony arched his brow to see his mother's face glow in excitement. He instinctively felt something was wrong. "Is it just an usual meal?" he asked his mom as they walked out of their house and approached the car.

"Of course," Laura said with a cheerful smile. "Jasmine and her family have stayed abroad for the last two years ago. They have just come back recently because their daughter will work in this city. I haven't seen them for so long. And they have been very eager about this appointment with us. So I think you'd better dress up formally to show your respect."

Then she tidied Anthony's tie and said,"Let's go now. They must have been waiting for us."

Even after living in France for several years, Jasmine still found her heart's content in Chinese food. So they booked a private room in a Chinese restaurant for the lunch.

Jasmine and Vince Sun had already been waiting for them as Anthony and Laura opened the door of the room. As soon as the two ladies met, Laura embraced her friend with joy and said,"Long time no see, Jasmine! You still look so beautiful!"

"Thank you, Laura. I'm flattered." Jasmine returned with a smile,"You look the same as before. Time left no sign on your face!"

"How could it be possible." Laura smiled and said,"I have spent so much energy on my son. I feel that I'm really getting old."

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