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   Chapter 638 Anthony’s Hearty Breakfast

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Laura tried to respond in a gentle manner and chose good words to remove her son's guilt. "Anthony, you are my son. And we are a family bound with love, not hatred."

Laura forced a smile and continued,"My indisposition was not your fault at all, so stop feeling guilty."

Hypertension, indeed, should be dealt with utmost delicacy. Otherwise, the patient would have to suffer a lot.

"I feel a bit tired. I must go upstairs to rest." Laura glanced at Anthony and was about to leave.

"Let me support you upstairs, mom." Anthony tried to show Laura his love and concern. However, Laura declined,"No, thanks. I can manage. I am not that old not to support myself. You had better rest early. Good night!"

It indeed pained Anthony to gaze at Laura's staggering figure. He felt displeased to Carlson for not having told him about Laura's condition. "Dad, why didn't you tell me of mom's condition earlier?" he rebuked him.

"I see no point of telling you about it," Carlson sneered. Then he complained,"You are more devoted to that woman than to your parents!"

Carlson's complaint rendered Anthony especially guilty, who admitted to have disregarded filial piety.

"But..." He paused for a while. He took a deep breath before he continued,"Why didn't you have a heart-to-heart talk with me at home?" Anthony felt more guilty after realizing his absence of devotion to Laura.

"Every time you returned home, you would always argue with us for the sake of Sheryl," Carlson condemned. "Laura asked me to keep her illness from you including last month's appendectomy because she doesn't want to worry you. But with today's argument, you just didn't know how much you've caused her to suffer."

Upon hearing what Carlson had just said against him, Anthony realized his blunders.

, she was surprised to see Anthony busily cooking in the kitchen. He might be making breakfast for her and Carlson. Laura immediately came to him and tried to stop him. She motioned him to leave the cooking to her.

However, Anthony refused and said,"My dear Mom, it's my duty to prepare breakfast for you." He smiled sweetly at her. "Please sit and wait for breakfast to be ready," he added.

"I am afraid you might not be able to manage," Laura countered. She looked at Anthony with uncertainty.

"You can be rest assured, mom," Anthony replied with a smile. "I will give you an unforgettable breakfast," he bragged.

Anthony escorted Laura to the living room. He then went back to the kitchen to continue cooking. Soon, the dishes were ready so he set up the table. Meanwhile, Carlson also came in. He was surprised to see the table full of sumptuous dishes. "Laura, even though Anthony is here, I don't think it's really necessary to prepare a sumptuous breakfast like this. This is too much for the three of us!" Carlson exclaimed.

"Darling, this breakfast was made by our beloved son. We must enjoy it!" Laura was happy and proud to finally see Anthony's devotion to them.

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