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   Chapter 637 Break With The Family

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Laura cast an indifferent glance at the cosmetic box and threw it on the table. She turned to Anthony and said,"I'm going to have a meal with a friend. Can you also come with me? Our family has not gone out for a meal in a very long time."

"Fine, I'll join you mom," Anthony answered. Then he said,"Mom, apart from the cosmetic box, Sher also sent some scarves and handbags for you. Look at them."

Anthony emphasized that they were purchased by Sheryl to soften Laura. He hoped it would change her bad impression about Sheryl. But Laura's indifferent reaction indicated that she still did not want to hear Sheryl's name.

"It's quite late. You have had a long day today. You must be extremely tired. It's better you have a nice hot bath and go to sleep. We are going to see your Aunt Jasmine tomorrow morning." Laura tried to end the conversation without any mention of Sheryl.

Anthony arched his eyebrows. It was obvious his whole evening's effort was wasted. Now Laura was urging him to go to bed. He felt a little disappointed.

He put aside the gifts he was holding and said seriously to Laura,"Mom, I know you don't like Sheryl, but I do. She is the one whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. Sheryl and I respect you. We hoped to get your permission and blessings for our marriage. But what should I do if you keep such a negative attitude towards her?"

"Did that woman tell you to visit us?" Laura looked at Anthony with cold eyes. She didn't even want to utter Sheryl's name. "I suspect that you must have an ulterior motive to visit us. You told us you came home because you missed us. Actually, you just came for that woman. I'm so disappointed in you."

"Mom..." Anthony inquired,"Why you are so unfriendly to Sher? She didn't do anything wrong!"

"I won't ag

y part of your body in discomfort?"

"I'm fine. It might disappoint you because it means I will not die yet," Laura said on purpose to anger Anthony and prevent him from worrying about her.

"Mom..." Anthony rolled his eyes and asked,"What's wrong with you? Are you experiencing any discomfort?"

"So now you are worried about your mom? Why didn't you think of her health and welfare a few minutes ago?" Carlson questioned his son. Then he added,"She got this disease many years ago. Do you really know nothing about it?"

"Dad..." Anthony said with sorrow. "What is the disease? Did you take her for a checkup and treatment in a good hospital?"

"It is called hyper tension," Carlson answered. And he added after flashing an angry glance at Anthony,"She can't stand any irritation. If you dare infuriate her once again, I will beat you up!"

Anthony felt very sad. It was like something heavy was weighing on his heart.

As a son, he knew nothing about his mother's disease until she fell ill because of him. He felt sorry for his mother and felt like he was the worst son on this earth.

Anthony gripped Laura's hands and said with sorrow,"Mom, I'm sorry. It is all my fault."

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