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   Chapter 636 We Won’t Accept Her

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"Mom, I..." Anthony said reluctantly. He initially wanted to tell his parents about Sheryl. But on second thought, he decided to just mention it after dinner. His mother didn't like Sheryl and he didn't want her to think that his intention of coming today was not to visit them but to talk about Sheryl.

So, instead of continuing his conversation with his mother, he decided to just shut up.

"That's enough!" Carlson approached them to alleviate the situation. "Laura, please take it easy. Anthony's just arrived. Don't mention those unhappy things and just leave him alone. I bet he's already starving after such a long trip. Is our dinner ready?"

"Right, right! I almost forgot that your favorite chicken is stewing on the stove. I'll go and check it," Laura blurted hurriedly with a big smile. "Have a seat, son. Have some fruits first while waiting. Dinner will be ready in one minute," she added before hurrying back to the kitchen.

After Laura rushed to the kitchen, Anthony sat on the sofa with his father. He took a strawberry to his mouth. With his father siding him just a moment ago, Anthony thought that he maybe could accept Sheryl faster than his mother. Suddenly, he remembered something so he reached out for his suitcase and took out a watch that he bought from abroad. It was actually a limited edition watch and he waited for three months before he could get it. "Dad, I remember that you mentioned last time that you wanted this watch. Sheryl bought it for you. You know what? It took her three months! Please try it. I believe it will suit you perfectly!"

Carlson took the watch and examined it with an expressionless face. A moment later, he raised his head and looked at Anthony. "So, you came here again because of that woman, right?"

"Dad!" Anthony couldn't help to raise his voice. He frowned and added,"Please don't talk that way about her. Her name is Sheryl. And I love her." Anthony's voice was firm.

"All right," Carlson said disapprovingly as he shrugged his shoulders. "Son, I don't care what her name is and I don't want to hear anything about her, especially from you. Don't waste your time on me. Anyway, your mom won't accept her and neither will I." "Look at this watch. Do you think I'd believe she could afford it? As far as I've known, she's merely a fameless model. Laura and I won't change our attitude towards her even if she would buy expensive gifts for us every time, especially when we're full aware that you are the one paying them for her."

Anthony was a little embarrassed. He had thought that his parents might be pleased if he sent them gifts on behalf of Sheryl. It turned out that they had seen through him and nothing had really changed.

"Dad, please! You were always supportive of me regardless of my decisions since I was

ready felt frustrated but he couldn't just offend his father openly in front of the dining table. Thus, he was left with no choice but to wait for the right timing again.

He knew that his mother would ask him to sit down and catch up later after dinner.

Just as he expected, Laura walked out of the kitchen with a plate of fruits after she washed the dishes. "Come here, son. Let's have some fresh fruits," she said as she walked to the sofa.

"Mom, I'm stuffed. I couldn't take anymore," Anthony refused as he patted his stomach gently. But, seeing the disappointed look from his mom's face, he hurriedly took the plate from her hands and put it on the coffee table. Then he held her hands and sat on the sofa with her. "Mom, please take a seat. It's been a while since we chatted the last time. I bet there are lots of things we need to catch up on!"

"You're right," Laura agreed with a smile. Patting his hands, she asked,"How long will you stay this time, son? You must stay here longer this time. You just never know how much I've missed you!"

"Maybe... two or three days, mom," Athony replied absentmindedly. But then he quickly explained,"I need to go to Y City for some important matters. But I promise, I will come back again soon."

She was sort of depressed upon hearing his words. She asked,"What happened? Why are you in such a hurry?"

"I'm sort of busy, mom. You know what a businessman is like, right?" Anthony tried to comfort his mom. "Mom, listen. I'll come back the moment I get things settled there, okay?" he assured her.

Then he took the set of skin care products from the table and gave it to Laura. "Mom, this is for you. It's a gift from Sher. She personally picked it up for you. They're bestsellers and I believe you'll love them." "She will buy you another set when you consumed all this," he added with a smile.

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