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   Chapter 635 Going Home

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Worried that Anthony would refuse, she added immediately,"I know that you have given more than me in our relationship. I will try my best to compensate for this. I will try to be a good wife and cook nice dishes for you every day. I will spare no effort to take care of you and Shirley. Maybe one day we will have our own child. Let us live happily together in the future."

Sheryl felt a little nervous because Anthony had still not said yes. Still she persisted,"Anthony, let us get married as soon as your parents meet me and approve of me. What do you say?"

"Idiot!" Anthony said lovingly. He teased,"Are you proposing to me? Let me do it! It's a man's privilege to propose to the woman he loves!"

"It does not matter as long as I can be with you," said Sheryl. Then she asked eagerly,"So do you agree or not?"

Anthony was in a rapture. He wanted to fly to Sheryl and tell her he agreed. He knew he had to persuade his parents even more strongly now. He was aware that they were selecting some eligible girls for him to date.

Anthony smiled and said,"Sher, please give me a chance to propose to you. I will go down on my knee and ask you to marry me. Please say yes on that day, okay?"

The final call for boarding was announced as he spoke these words. He told Sheryl,"I have to board now. I'll call you later."

"Okay, wish you a safe and happy flight." Sheryl hung up the phone with a happy smile. She felt her troubles had just fallen away from her shoulders. But she did not feel a great sense of elation or excitement.

'Maybe it's because we have been together for too long. It does not feel any different to me, '

Sheryl consoled herself.

When she fell asleep that night she dreamed of Charles. In the dream, she was married to Charles and he was running his hands over every part of her body with passionate love. They were in a white house by the seaside.

Sheryl woke up with a start. She

oked food." Laura looked at her son with a smile and continued,"Moreover, you are coming back home after a long time. I had to cook your favorite dishes for you."

"Mom..." Anthony frowned and said,"I have earned enough money now. You don't have to tire yourself out only to save money."

"No, I didn't do that to save money." Laura explained,"You were once a doctor and I think you know that restaurant food is unhealthy."

Eyeing Anthony's suit, Laura heaved a sigh and said,"I know you earn enough money in your present job. But you know that generations of our family are all doctors. I think you will look more handsome in a doctor's white gown."

"Mom..." Anthony arched a brow and said seriously,"Please don't say that any more. Every time I come back you say it and I can't bear it any more. Can you change the topic?"

Being a doctor was better than his present job and he had liked his career.

But as a doctor, he had to work nights and had no time to take care of Sheryl. Therefore, he had given up his career as a doctor.

"Whatever I say is only for your benefit but you never listen to my words," Laura said with sadness. She heaved a sigh and said to Anthony,"You will regret your decision to give up your career as a doctor for a woman. Mark my words!"

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