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   Chapter 634 A Friendship Ends (Part Two)

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Sue stared at Sheryl angrily and said,"If he had been happy, I would have been content. But look at what you have done. You had the best possible man in the world, but you didn't cherish him. Instead, you showed loyalty to another man. You went out of the way to do things for him. You completely forgot your faithful Anthony, you ungrateful woman. I feel really sorry for him. Do you know he called me last night? He said your number was switched off. His sad voice broke my heart. Sheryl, I really hate you! If you don't love Anthony, then just leave him for me."

She continued with a sneer,"After all, you have Charles now. Just leave Anthony for me. I will be more loyal to him than you and treat him better also."

"I had a talk with Charles. We won't meet again. I have already told you this. From now on, I will give my full attention to Anthony and we will live a harmonious and happy life. I know you love him, but I won't let you have him even though we are friends," Sheryl said looking at Sue with an earnest expression.

Sue didn't reply. She just felt sorry for Anthony and herself. 'How can Sheryl take Anthony's love for granted? I hate her for treating him so badly. If only I could be his girlfriend!' These thoughts kept churning bitterly in her mind.

Sheryl felt embarrassed. It was clear to her that she and Sue couldn't go back to their old friendship. She forced a smile and said,"Mimi, I cherished our friendship. I know you love Anthony. However, I can't sacrifice my relationship with Anthony for your sake. That was why I turned a blind eye to your obvious affection for him. Now…"

She didn't finish her words. Instead she sighed deeply and said in a resigned voice,"I must leave. Shirley is alone at home. "

She didn't know how she was going to get along with Sue anymore. Some words just wounded deep as knives. She felt angry also. Although she regretted her words, she knew that their friendship had surely ended.

She walked towards the door with a heavy heart. She was about to step out when Sue called her name. She didn't look back, but paused to listen to what Sue had to say. Sue's voice was calm but determined. "Sheryl, since you now know that I love Anthony, I won't hide my deep feelings for him anymore. Let's have a fair fight. Let us wait and s

did I say I am breaking up with you?" Sheryl sighed at his dumb question and retorted,"I have hated my life in the past few years. Every time I woke up, there was no one except Shirley in my life. Our house is too big for only Shirley and me. When I feel exhausted and want your comfort, you are not beside me. When I want to cry, you are not beside me to hold me. I want a strong shoulder to lean on. I hate seeing you go away to your own house after supper. I hate hugging a pillow to sleep."

Anthony was holding his breath. He was listening very carefully to her words. He was curious about what she was going to say. He would be happy to hear anything except her breaking up with him. Sheryl paused and wondered if she should be the one proposing marriage. After all, it was more common for the man to propose to the woman he loved.

"So, Anthony, will you marry me?" Sheryl said in a rush after taking a deep breath. She was not sure of Anthony's answer. But she was hopeful of a positive answer.

She thought, 'Anthony and I have been in love for quite a long time. We know each other quite well. He has not only been a perfect boyfriend to me, but also a good father to Shirley. Charles' appearance caused some arguments and tension between us. Anthony doesn't like my getting close to Charles. I admit Charles is attractive. I was infatuated. But I know for sure that Anthony is the most appropriate man for me. The only way to save our relationship is to get married. I will show him my sincerity and propose to him.'

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