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   Chapter 629 Why Do You Like Charlie So Much

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"This is not exactly a guest room," Charles replied. "I had this room decorated back when Autumn was still pregnant. Since I wasn't sure of the baby's gender, I prepared two rooms. One was decorated with a girlish style and the other one was embellished with a marine style. That room was the one Charlie is using right now," Charles explained with a gentle smile.

'This room was originally prepared for his future daughter. No wonder the room is filled with dolls, ' Sheryl thought to herself.

"Uh…" Sheryl turned to Charles. "Have an early night," Sheryl urged Charles to leave. "Now that you are still injured, you need to have a good rest," she added.

"Yes, I know that," Charles replied. "By the way, there are a lot of new clothes in the wardrobe that Shirley can wear." Charles didn't tell Sheryl that those clothes had been just bought recently.

'What I really want is for Sheryl and Shirley to come into this house for good, ' Charles thought to himself. "Oh, alright."

Sheryl slightly nodded. When Charles left, Sheryl opened the wardrobe and found that there were a large number of clothes like what he said.

However, what surprised Sheryl the most was, the clothes were of different sizes, probably ranging from 0 to 10 years old.

It seemed that Charles had really fully expected the baby in Autumn's belly. Sheryl couldn't understand why she suddenly felt a little upset and envious.

She sighed and selected a pink nightgown. Then she went to Charlie's room. Charlie's room was just like what Charles had said, decorated in marine style with dark blue wall and corsair-shaped bed, giving out an aura of sea adventures.

Sheryl saw Charlie reading a book while Shirley was playing happily with some toys on the mat. She walked over to Shirley and said,"Shirley, how about staying here tonight?"

"Yes!" Shirley replied and nodded exuberantly. She felt extremely happy that she could stay with Charlie.

"It's late and Charlie needs to sleep now. Let's go to our room. I will help you take a shower before you go to sleep," Sheryl urged Shirley with a smile.

Shirley cast a glance at Charlie's direction be

er was so hot and she cooked lunch during the day. She smelled sweat and she felt sticky. How could she stay the whole night without changing her clothes? She couldn't even take a shower.

While Sheryl was racking her brains, she heard some knocks on the door. When she opened it, Charles was standing there holding a bag in his hand which seemed to be clothes. Then he said kindly,"I bought these clothes for Autumn before but she hasn't used them yet. You can wear them after taking a bath, if you don't mind."

"Thank you," Sheryl expressed her gratitude to Charles. She then took the bag from Charles' hands. When she came near him, she smelled alcohol from him.

"Did you drink?" Sheryl asked in surprise.

"Yes, I drank a little. I couldn't sleep without drinking alcohol," Charles replied and nodded slightly. "I am going back to my room now. Have a good sleep."

Then Charles considerately closed the door for Sheryl.

When she opened the bag, Sheryl found a pajama, a dress and a set of underwear. Surprisingly, the sizes fit her well.

But Sheryl didn't think too much about it. She quickly took a shower. After taking a shower, she looked around for a hair dryer but she couldn't find any. She thought of going downstairs to look for it. But when she went out of her room, she saw that Charles' door was still open. After hesitating for a moment, she eventually decided to go there to check if he was okay.

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