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   Chapter 627 What Medicine Is It

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"No... Thank you." Sheryl shook her head and said,"I'm going to make some chicken soup right now. You are injured and need to rest."

"I'm alright," Charles said. He smiled charmingly at her.

Sheryl felt a little awkward as she sat in front of Charles. She was tired, but she felt uncomfortable to lie down on the same bed that Charles had slept on.

"Hmm.... Charles, I heard that your wife resembles me. Is it true?" Sheryl asked a question as she tried to break the embarrassing atmosphere.

She was really curious to know how much she resembled Charles' wife.

"Why can't I find any photographs of her?" Sheryl asked as she instinctively looked around.

There had been many wedding photos of Charles and Autumn on display earlier. However, Charles had put them away when Sheryl came back. He was worried that Sheryl would think he courted her just because she looked like his wife when she saw the photographs.

He smirked and lightly said,"You will surely come to know one day."

Hearing this, Sheryl was puzzled. She didn't know what Charles meant.

'Maybe Autumn will come back one day? But how can it be possible?' she wondered.

"So, tell me, what kind of person was your wife?" a curious Sheryl asked. Somehow, she was very interested in this woman. "You hardly talk about her," she said.

"She was a very kind woman," Charles answered with a smile. "She always tried to help others and was too generous for her own good. She refused to spend my money and told me she wanted to be independent. While I always thought the only reason I earned money was to support her."

"No, you are wrong." Sheryl told Charles with a smile,"She probably didn't want to be regarded as a woman who could only live on her husband's money. Even though you didn't find anything wrong in a woman living this way, she must have suffered a lot of sarcasm from others. All this must have made her want to be strong and independent."

Sheryl felt that she was similar to A

nished dinner, Sheryl began clearing the dining table. Charlie came over to Charles and handed him a bottle of pills. He said,"Dad, if the pain is unbearable, you can take this medicine. It was prescribed by the doctor."

Looking at the bottle with an arched brow, Sheryl realized it wasn't the one she got from the hospital. She walked up to Charles and asked him,"What medicine is it?"

"Oh, it's nothing special, just regular pills," he lied. He hid it behind his back and assumed a casual expression. He said,"They are the pills you got from the hospital. Are you ready to leave now? Let me call a cab for you. It's very late."

"Show me the bottle. I want to make sure," she commanded. Sheryl looked deep into Charles' eyes and probed,"It isn't the medicine I got you, right? Let me see it!"

"I am telling you the truth. Trust me. There is no need for you to check," Charles dodged. Then he added,"You should leave now. It's getting very late. Also, if you are unable to wake up early tomorrow, you can come late. I am not particular about breakfast."

"What medicine is it?" Sheryl refused to be diverted. She sensed something was amiss from Charles' reluctance to show her the pills. She stared at Charles without blinking. Her demeanor indicated she was not moving until he showed her the medicine.

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