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   Chapter 625 You Suffer The Pain Alone

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"Really?" Sheryl gave a wry smile and said nothing more.

Charles looked at her and asked in a concerned voice,"Would you like to tell me something about your nightmare?"

Although Sheryl just had a nightmare, Charles had a strong intuition that her nightmare held some key to what happened to her in the past. Hence, it was important for him to know what exactly Sheryl had experienced in her nightmare.

"I'm fine, really," Sheryl confirmed promptly. Sheryl was a very reserved person and sharing something as private as a nightmare was much opposite to her nature. More so, the person showing interest in it was none other than Charles.

"I know you don't like me." Charles noticed the hesitation in Sheryl. Still he probed further as he said,"Anyway, we are friends now. You can tell me about your dream. Maybe, I can help you. Things won't change if you bottle them up inside."

Charles smiled and continued,"Trust me, keeping secrets is my only merit. I will do everything to guard your dream."

Eventually, Sheryl's heart melted with his sincere words.

Among many other emotional upheavals that she had been going through in the past three years, this nightmare had been the most excruciating thing that had given her sleepless nights. And she did not want to discuss it with anyone till now, she just felt relieved to be able to pour her heart out in front of Charles. She trusted him and believed that she would feel light if she did that.

"In fact, this dream has troubled me for three years." Sheryl twisted her mouth into a wry smile and started,"In my dream, I gave birth to a boy, but he was immediately taken away by a woman. I was calling out for help, but I couldn't make any sound. I could only watch the woman take my child away. I desperately tried to see the woman's face, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't see her clearly. I've dreamed this plot a numerous times. And every time this dream feels so real as if it really happened on me. Each and every feeling in this dream is so alive like I am wide awake in the moment."

As she stopped, there was a prolonged silence between the two of them. Then Charles spoke,"Have you ever told Anthony about your dream?" Charles had a very


Suddenly, she remembered Charles' words before he walked out of the room. He asked her to take a rest in the room. But all she had done all this while was nothing other than fantasizing. Sheryl laid down for a while, feeling that her dizziness was slightly relieved. Then she got up to make lunch.

As she came downstairs, she was startled to see Shirley was playing horse riding game with Charles. Shirley rode on Charles' neck and yelled in excitement,"Neigh! Neigh! Come on! Uncle Lu!"

"Okay, I'm speeding up!" Charles' tone was full of gentleness.

Sheryl was frightened and scolded Shirley angrily,"Shirley, Uncle Lu hasn't fully recovered. You will hurt him! Get down from him!"

Sheryl's severe tone frightened Shirley, who was about to cry.

Seeing this, Charles hastily explained to Sheryl,"It doesn't matter. Shirley is young, and her weight is not sufficient enough to hurt me."

Shirley was his daughter. He could do everything she asked for.

"Charles!" Sheryl was angry and continued to blame Charles,"Shirley is a kid. She does not understand. Are you as same as her? Do you know how serious your injuries are? What if you die for this?"

"Sher, don't worry. I'm really fine," Charles comforted Sheryl. "Shirley is thin. She can't hurt me."

"Okay, since you don't cherish your own body, I don't care about you from now on." Sheryl was disappointed. "You can do whatever you want. I'll leave and you suffer the pain alone," she continued.

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