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   Chapter 624 Recurring Nightmares

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"Charlie, hurry and get my phone. It's in my room." Upon getting his phone, Charles quickly called their family doctor. A few minutes later, Doctor Hu arrived and rushed to see Sheryl. He gave her a quick physical examination. He didn't find anything wrong with Sheryl. It seemed like Sheryl was struck by something which scared her and made her faint.

"Doctor Hu, what happened? What's wrong with Sher?" Sheryl's forehead was covered with sweat. Charles noticed it but couldn't do anything to help her. For him, that kind of feeling really sucked.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with her, Charles. She's perfectly fine!" The doctor replied as he packed up his stuff. "She might have experienced a panic attack after something hit her. She will be better after a good rest."

"That's impossible!" Nothing struck Sheryl. She just started to sweat and turned into this condition all of a sudden. Charles pulled the doctor's shirt collar and ordered nervously,"Give her another checkup. Make it more thorough and careful this time. Please hurry up!"

"Charles…" Doctor Hu was quite familiar with Charles. He didn't intend to hide anything from the latter. He wrinkled his eyebrows and explained,"I remember, you told me that she lost her memory. Perhaps she just remembered something from her past which made her panic and lose consciousness."

"Are you trying to say that she might get her memory back and recall what happened before?" asked Charles.

"Yes." Nodding his head, Doctor Hu continued,"Her memory loss was induced by a medicine. Normally, meeting familiar people or being in a familiar environment could trigger her brain to access all sorts of memories, including the inactive ones. However, it seemed that what happened in her past was torture for her. Therefore, it might not be advisable for Sheryl to remember everything."

Doctor Hu gave Charles a glance and added,"Think about it."

What the doctor said really made sense. Charles was at a loss. He didn't know how to respond nor did he know what to do. On the other hand, he really wished that Sheryl would regain her memory. In that way, he would at least know what happened three years ago.

If what happened in the past was too painful for Sheryl, then what was the

ile she was dreaming. The sight was heart-breaking and made Charles felt really sorry for her.

Charles sent out his staff to look for the missing child. He couldn't ask Sheryl about him considering that she had lost her memory.

But Charles was sure about one thing. That baby was taken away by someone. Charles learned it from Sheryl's relentless screams.

Charles closed the door gently and went downstairs. Charlie and Shirley had already finished their breakfast and were already having fun in the playhouse. Charles asked Charlie to take care of Shirley before he got a glass of milk and went upstairs.

When Charles opened the door, he saw Sheryl in a pensive mood. She remembered the nightmare she just had. Everything in that dream was so real that she felt like she had just experienced the whole scene. She couldn't even tell whether it was only a dream or something that was real.

Seeing Sheryl in that condition melted Charles' heart. He stood in front of the door for a long time before he managed to smile and walked into the room. He said to her,"Drink some milk, Sheryl. It might help you calm down."

"Thank you," Sheryl said politely. She also stopped thinking about the dream. Charles sat next to her and finally decided to ask after a long pause,"Did you just have a nightmare?"

Sheryl was surprised. Alerted, she stared at Charles. Smiling, Charles said,"Relax. I just heard you talking frantically in your sleep. So I wondered if you were having a bad dream."

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