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   Chapter 619 An Accidental Injury

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Updated: 2019-02-24 07:19

Sue stammered an apology to the photographer for her poor performance.

She braced herself for the photographs.

On coming back to the backstage, Sue found Sheryl overcome with nervousness. She was wearing only her underwear for her fashion shoot. As soon as she saw Sue, she expressed discomfort at her own attire.

Sheryl was extremely embarrassed to wear lingerie for the photo shoot. She knew it was part of her job but she was still uncomfortable with it.

Sue still suspected the illicit relationship between Sheryl and Charles.

"Sheryl, can you prove that you have no relationship with Charles?" Sue questioned Sheryl. Charles constantly lavished his efforts and energy on Sheryl. This aroused Sue's suspicions.

"Definitely! I have nothing to do with Charles." Sheryl nodded with certainty. Confused, she said,"Sue, there is no reason for you to ask such a silly question!"

Sensing her best friend's agitation, Sue immediately felt remorse. At once she admitted her mistake and assumed it was Charles who was harassing Sheryl.

'It is not right for Charles to pester Sheryl, ' Sue seethed with anger.

"I just saw Charles waiting for you outside," Sue said. Sheryl was surprised. She wondered aloud as to why Charles was waiting for her.

"I think he is looking for a date with you after you finish your work," Sue guessed. She tried to

you go to the nearby hospital for a thorough check-up. I will cover all the medical bills because the accident has happened on my premises."

She commanded Sheryl to accompany Charles to the hospital. She told her that she owed her life to Charles and now it was up to her to ensure Charles' recovery.

Sheryl was undecided about taking charge of Charles. She did not want to be alone with Charles.

Finally her good heart and sense of fair play triumphed over her mind.

'I must accompany Charles to the hospital and be with him. I owe him my life after all, ' Sheryl thought to herself.

"Wait a minute." Charles stopped Sheryl. He was about to say something. Sheryl anxiously cut in,"Your injury must be quickly treated. Otherwise you may suffer later from further complications."

Charles agreed and wryly suggested Sheryl change out of her underwear and into a plain dress to ensure decency.

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