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   Chapter 611 I Couldn't Afford To Wait

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Leila shot Holley a glance and said,"Unlike you, I have to stick with this relationship. I couldn't go back. I have no other option but to move forward courageously."

She stared at Holley who was in front of her. Then she continued,"You are living a pretty good life. And you may have already forgotten Charles, but I'm different. I have given all my love to him. I would die if I couldn't have him."

No wonder why Leila was willing to cooperate with Holley and obey her orders.

"I couldn't afford to wait," Leila said indifferently. The longer it would take, the slimmer the chance she could have. She couldn't just wait. She had to make some move.

Looking at Leila, Holley suddenly felt sorry for her. 'Such a poor woman!' After hesitating for a moment, Holley said,"Since Charles took your son away from you, why don't you do the same thing to him. Why don't you take his daughter away?"

As expected, Leila's eyes lit when she heard Holley's suggestion.

Holley was right. As long as she had Shirley, it would not only make Sheryl anxious but she could also make a deal with Charles. She would trade Shirley for Charlie. If she could have Charlie back, she would have a chance again.

"Thank you so much," she gratefully said. All possibilites suddenly dawned on her so she thanked Holley many times.

Holley didn't say a word any more. She just put on her sunglasses and left.

While in the car and looking at the view outside the window, Holley couldn't help but let out a sigh.

If she hadn't chosen to go to South Korea, would she be also like Leila who was desperately trying to get Charles now? Fair is foul and foul is fair. Some people would be willing to do anything, even to degrade themselves, just to be with the person they loved.

But would it really be worth living without dignity?

I promise," George said without hesitation. "No matter what, I'm with you," he added.

George's promise made Holley less worried. She cast a glance at George and asked,"Then, why did she call you?"

"She said she would be here in Y City in two days and she'd like to pay me a visit," George replied in a casual tone. Then he added,"Honey, I could tell from the way she talked earlier that she has changed. I guess she has given up. I think we should take this chance to let her know you better. I want her to know how gentle and considerate my girlfriend is."

George's face beamed when he said those words. He circled Holley's waist with his one hand. "After all, she's my mother so I hope you could understand and tolerate if something happened."

"But..." Holley protested. She had already used all her skills to please George's mother who just simply didn't like her.So now, she didn't know what else she could do.

Holley started to feel uneasy just thinking of George's mother's future visit to Y City. She had a strong feeling that something would happen.

George told Holley that his mother might have already accepted her as his girlfriend. But Holley doubted it. It might just be a cover-up.

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