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   Chapter 610 Reaching An Agreement

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After Ferry hung up, Leila took a deep breath. She came over and sat in front of Holley. Ordering two cups of coffee, she said,"Come on! Tell me what you are going to do next."

Leaning back in her chair, Holley looked at Leila and said in a playful tone,"Well, so you now believe what I have said, huh?"

"Stop this nonsense, Yvonne!" Leila snorted and said,"Even if I have to follow your instructions now, it does not mean I'll do it forever. My current bad luck will change for the better at another time. You might have to follow my instructions some day in the future, who knows?"

Mentally she took an oath that if she became Mrs. Lu, she would find an opportunity to humiliate Holley.

Holley was an escaped prisoner. On this score at least, Leila felt she was better than Holley.

"Stop dreaming. You'll never get bigger or superior to me!" Holley snorted and taking a sip of coffee. She continued,"Listen! From now on, keep in mind all I have told you.

Stop calling me Yvonne. Remember I am Holley Ye. I am not Yvonne and have nothing to do with that name.

Besides, don't come to meet me without my permission. You can send a message to me, and I'll call you back when it's convenient.

And one more thing, whatever I say or do is none of your business. If you happen to meet me anywhere, pretend you don't know me. And you must diligently fulfill all tasks I assign to you, understand?" Holley ordered her like a boss. Leila resented this but she could do nothing. She agreed reluctantly.

"Alright, fine. I got it," she answered awkwardly.

She looked at Holley's delicate face and idly wondered whether Charles would pay more attention to her if she changed herself to resem

hed out to Leila. Leila too stood up. Standing in front of Holley who was wearing all branded clothes, she felt a little insecure.

Three years had passed. It seemed that only she was left trailing behind and had stagnated. She must fast forward her life to catch up with them.

She squared her shoulders and shook hands with Holley. "To our successful alliance and cooperation!" she said.

She felt more confident with Holley's support. Seeing Holley turn and about to leave, Leila hurriedly blocked her way by stretching out her hand.

Holley frowned at her and haughtily asked,"Leila, is there anything else to discuss? What is it?"

"I..." Leila withdrew her hand awkwardly. "I don't have any excuse to approach Charles. Can you give me some advice on what I should do next."

"Wow, looks you can't wait to snatch Charles from Autumn!" Holley teased. Seeing Leila's impatient look, she immediately figured out what was on Leila's mind.

Leila had almost lost everything for the man she loved. If she failed to win Charles from Sheryl, she would have nothing left in the world.

So this was a do or die game for her.

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