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   Chapter 609 An Old Acquaintance

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"See a friend? Who is it?" When George asked. George was surprised to know that Holley meant to meet someone because as far as he knew, Holley didn't know anyone here. Holley had told him before that she didn't have any acquaintances here.

"Don't ask too much. I won't take long." Instead of answering George's questions, Holley hurriedly kissed him on the cheek and said her last words,"I'll be back soon."

Actually, Holley was in a hurry because Ferry told her that Leila was waiting for her. It had been three years since she last heard about her. She didn't have any idea if everything had been well for Leila these past years.

Holley once considered Leila as an enemy. But now that they had the same goal, she wanted to treat her as a friend.

Just like what the saying goes, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.' Now they would be working together against a common enemy.

Now that Charlie was taken by Charles, Leila's chance of getting together with Charles became impossible. She felt bad that all her efforts to be a single mother these past years had just gone to waste.

That was why she called Ferry to asked for help. She told him that Autumn was still alive.

Ferry was exasperated when he heard the news. But he tried his best to stay calm. He instructed Leila to go to a certain place and wait for someone who used to be her acquaintance.

Leila thought hard but she couldn't really figure out who Ferry was referring to. She couldn't tell who this old acquaintance really was.

Leila had been waiting for half an hour now but no one arrived yet. She got impatient so she finished the cup of coffee she ordered and prepared to leave. However, before she could stand up, a beautiful woman suddenly sat down beside her. She was wearing a pair of sunglasses and looked a little restless.

Leila stared at the woman trying to analyze her. She wanted to recall if she had ever seen this woman before. But no matter how hard she thought, she couldn't really remember her so she asked in an un

ve her orders.

"Leila!" Ferry rebuked her. "You need her help to achieve your goal. Think it over. I have already given you the easiest way. But if you want to waste your time and energy looking for other ways, go ahead!"

Ferry paused for a moment and continued,"If you want Yvonne to help you, you must listen to her. Take her orders as mine. If I come to know that you make your own move, I wouldn't let you go!"

"Oh, I have forgotten something," Ferry added. "You have lost Charlie now. That means, you have also lost your chance to be with Charles. That must have made your goal more difficult to achieve. So, why not give it a try if you could make it without my help."

Leila was convinced by Ferry's words. She frowned while Ferry was still trying to persuade her,"Everything would change if you cooperate with Yvonne. She's the future wife of BM Corporation CEO. She has the wealth and the position that you need. And even Autumn is working for her so it would be easy for her to help you achieve your desire."

Ferry left some time for Leila to decide. A little while later, Leila agreed and said,"Fine! I would listen to her. I'd do anything for her as long as she could help me."

"Okay, that's it!" Ferry said with satisfaction. Then he urged her,"Now, go back and talk to her. It's your time to make a plan together."

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