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   Chapter 606 The Meeting

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David was surprised and scratched his head out of embarrassment. He replied to Charles,"Of course, I courted her! You know, she was very cold with me back then, but I still managed to get her!" David answered with pride.

Charles thought for a moment and said,"It seems that you are very good at courting girls."

"I can't say that I am an expert at courting girls," David said. Then he added with a smile,"But I know clearly what girls like."

"Very well then, David. From now on, you will be my teacher. Please help me win back my wife's heart." Charles patted David's shoulder as he gave him the unexpected assignment.

David was petrified because he immediately fathomed that the assignment was impossible to accomplish.

"Well, Mr. Lu. Actually, Alice..." David scrambled to find an excuse to refuse the task. He regretted what he had bragged about that very moment.

He had mingled with Autumn for some time before. She was like a pure goddess in his mind. So his tricks to attract the usual girls wouldn't work on her.

Charles interrupted his thoughts and uttered seriously,"That's an order David!" He didn't give David a single chance to reason out with him.

David felt cornered and then agreed reluctantly.

"Hey, Dad!" Charlie stood up from his seat when he saw Charles return. Charles approached his son and said,"Charlie, I need to stay here and work tonight. I have lots of things to finish. I'll tell David to escort you home so you don't have to stay up and wait for me, okay son?"

"But Dad..." Charlie frowned. He still wanted to be with his father's company. But based on how his father uttered the words, it was clear that he wouldn't agree. So he nodded his head and said,"Fine Dad. I'm leaving now."

When he was about to leave the office with David, he turned around and said to Charles,"Dad, tomorrow... Can I visit Shirley and play with her?"

"Of course you can!" Charles nodded appr

r. She will announce and let you know the details about your work here at BM Corporation."

With warm applause, Holley stood up with a big smile and started her speech,"There are two reasons why BM Corporation has created this department. It's a fact and for its benefit that BM Corporation is closely related with fabulous, trendy and high fashion dresses. It holds several highly acclaimed runway shows every year, so it's necessary for our company to have our own group of models."

Holley paused for a moment and then continued,"But our department is separate with the other departments of the corporation. I should say that apart from the shows being held by our company, you would also take part in other shows of other companies. Aside from your fixed salary, you can also earn extra money from those shows. But the income that you will earn from those shows should be divided and shared with our company. My colleagues, you don't have to worry that you won't earn enough money. I promise that you would earn more and get rich as long as you work hard."

Holley's words surprised everyone in the meeting room. They never expected that they would be allowed to work with other companies from time to time.

Sheryl also arched her brow in response to Holley's announcement.

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