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   Chapter 604 Another Big Favor

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Now that Anthony was far away, Sheryl was worried about leaving Shirley unaccompanied in the hospital.

"But BM Corporation will..." Sue wanted to remind Sheryl of the consequences if she would ask for a leave of absence but she held back. She understood Sheryl's concern as a mother of a sick child. No one expected Shirley to fall ill at that time.

For a moment, the two women grimaced at each other. Amy was chatting with Shirley when she caught a glance of their facial expressions. She came over and asked,"What's going on, ladies? Why are you both looking so disturbed?"

"Sorry Amy, we are just worried about... " Sue was about to tell Amy the truth but Sheryl interrupted her.

"Oh, it's nothing serious. Never mind, Amy," Sheryl said lightly to Amy. "What the hell is going on here?" Amy asked while seriously looking straight at Sue. Then she turned her eyes on Sheryl and demanded,"Do you consider me as a stranger?"

"No... of course not, Amy. I didn't mean it that way..." Sheryl hastened to explain with an anxious face,"How could I think of you like a stranger? I... I just... "

Sheryl held back the words which sprang out of her lips. She really wanted Amy to be spared from any more hassle.

"Oh dear God! Please allow me to tell you what just happened," Sue said impatiently. "Amy, we will be having a meeting in our company this afternoon. Our boss has declared that it's compulsory for all of us to attend. So, Sher cannot ask for a leave. But we don't want Shirley to be left unattended here. She hesitated to tell you because she wants to bother you no more."

"Is that true, Sheryl?" Amy asked and stared into Sheryl's eyes. Under her clear gaze, Sheryl had to give in. "Yes. Amy. You already helped me a lot. I really can't bother you anymore," she replied after a nod.

"Bother me? Not at all!" Amy cried and shook her head lightly. "In my opinion, you really regard me as an outsider."

"No, that's not true," Sheryl immediately denied, but the more anxious she was, the more incoherent she became. Finally, Amy motioned her to stop the explanations.

"I've always enjoyed bei

, it's too hot in there," Amy called out and interrupted Cindy's thoughts.

Shirley was an outgoing girl with a sociable nature. Rick was a generous boy and shared his toys with Shirley. Although they met for the first time, they already bonded with each other. Cindy pensively entered the house. After a brief hesitation, she approached Amy. "Grandma, wasn't that Autumn?" she asked, puzzled.

"You remember her?" Cindy's words startled Amy. Little did she know that Cindy still remembered Autumn. After all, Cindy was just a three-year-old kid when Autumn disappeared.

"Yes," Cindy said with a nod. "But why didn't Autumn remember me?"

"Because..." Amy paused and gave a deep sigh. "She got so ill three years ago that she forgot all about her past, including you," she explained briefly.

"Oh, I see. Will she remember me again later?" Cindy questioned worriedly, looking up at Amy.

Amy pondered for a few seconds, and then shook her head and said,"I don't know sweetie. Maybe she will or maybe she won't."

Then she gently patted Cindy's head and said,"Go now and play with Rick and Shirley. I'll cut some fruit for all of you."

Soon, Abby walked down the stairs. She noticed that there was a new girl in the room. She had never seen the little girl, but when Shirley looked up at her, she immediately concluded that she was Autumn's daughter.

The girl was the image of a little Autumn.

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