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   Chapter 601 Charles’ Obsession

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"Okay," Sheryl replied. She hesitated for a moment before she asked one question,"When are you coming back?"

"I've been doing my best to finish my work faster. Unfortunately, even though things have been going well here, I might still need to stay for a week or so," Anthony answered. Sheryl could sense the loneliness in his voice. After a short pause, he continued,"I couldn't wait to see you, honey. You just don't know how much I've missed you. When I return to China, I need to visit my parents first. I couldn't wait to tell them about you. Afterwards, I'd bring you to see them."

Sheryl let out a laugh. She only asked a short question, yet, Anthony already narrated his plans to her. She just said,"Okay, I'd be waiting for you. Please give me a call and let me know your flight number in advance. Shirley and I will pick you up at the airport."

"Of course," he replied briskly. Anthony wanted to talk to Sheryl a little longer but it was already late in China. He was afraid that she might get sick if she didn't get enough rest. Thus, he decided to end their conversation,"It's late. You should rest now. I'll just call you again tomorrow, honey! I love you!"

Sheryl put her phone in her pocket and decided to go back inside Shirley's room. Shirley was still sleeping soundly on the bed. She felt relieved to see Shirley sleeping peacefully.

On the other hand, Charles didn't go home after he left the hospital with Charlie. Instead, he took Charlie to a restaurant for dinner. So, it was already late when they arrived at Dream Garden.

Leila had been coming to Dream Garden every day after Charlie lived with Charles. She was hoping that she could get the child back to her place. However, several days had already passed but she still didn't get a chance to see Charlie. She couldn't even enter Charles' home.

Today, she came early in the morning and waited outside the whole day. But she still failed. It was already late but Charlie hadn't showed up yet so she decided to go home. She planned to call Charles first thing in the next morning. If Charles would still refuse to see her, she would call the police.

Anyway, she had raised Charlie alone since he was born. Even though Charles was his father and he was affluent, he could still not separate a mother from her son just like that.

The moment she turned around to leave, she was blinded by the headlights of a

pable of doing!"

He continued,"I know that you despise the women in my life. First, Autumn. Now, Sheryl. I'm telling you now, if you dare to hurt her, you'd be sorry. You gave birth to my son and I owed you for that. But I'm very willing to pay you. Just name you price. I can give you any amount you want."

Looking through her eyes, he continued warning her,"Sheryl has nothing to do with this and she barely know you. So, don't ever show up in front of her. Don't you dare lay a finger on her because if you'd do so, you will be in a serious trouble."

Charles felt awful every time he thought of how Leila had slapped Sheryl. He wasn't able to protect and defend her when she needed him. He felt guilty and he blamed himself so bad. When she was Autumn, he wasn't able to protect her. Now that she was Sheryl, he still couldn't do so.

"Serious trouble?" Leila laughed loudly. "I don't understand it, Charles! There is nothing special on that woman but why are you so obsessed to her?" she yelled with tears in her eyes.

She stepped forward and grabbed his hand,"Look at me, Charles! I am a woman too, and we have a son. I believe that I'm also beautiful like her. But why haven't you even laid eyes on me? Why do I always mean nothing to you? Why?"

She looked at him desperately and continued,"Do you find any flaws in me? If you do, please tell me and I can change for you. Sheryl is already engaged to Anthony and they're happy together. Besides, Anthony also take Shirley as his own daughter. Why can't you just leave them alone? Why are you running after somebody else's fiancee?"

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