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   Chapter 599 A Chat With Amy

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"Dad, did you quarrel with Sher?" Charlie was confused so he asked Charles on their way home.

"Why?" Charles asked back. He was holding Charlie's hand while thinking on how to comfort Sheryl.

"Sher seemed not in a good mood when we came," Charlie answered. After thinking for a while, he continued,"She didn't respond to me when I greeted her. Then she told me not to visit the hospital because she was afraid that I might get infected by Shirley. But from her expression, I could tell that it was not what she meant.

So I guessed you two must have quarreled. Am I right?" Charlie asked.

Charles couldn't help but smile bitterly. Even a kid could tell there was something wrong between them. It seemed that Sheryl's annoyance was really obvious.

When Charles didn't answer, Charlie continued,"In soap operas, when two people fought, the man always apologizes first. So dad, I think you should behave like a gentleman and apologize to Sher. After all, she is a woman."

"Okay," Charles agreed with a smile while patting Charlie's head. "Don't worry. I promise, I will apologize to her."

Hearing Charles's words, Charlie flashed a wide grin. Children's way of thinking is simple. In their minds, every problem will have a solution. Quarreling is not a big deal and can easily be solved by an apology.

Back in the ward, Sheryl sat beside Shirley's sickbed absentmindedly. Sensing that something was wrong, Shirley asked cautiously,"Sher, you look unhappy. What's wrong?" Pulling her mind back, Sheryl smiled and said,"Nothing. I'm fine."

"Don't lie to me," Shirley said, unconvinced. "I called your name several times, but you didn't respond. It seemed like your mind was wandering somewhere else. Did you quarrel with Uncle Charles?" she continued.

"Why are you suddenly asking me that question?" Sheryl didn't expect such a ques

t I couldn't really remember when, where, and how."

She paused for a moment and then continued,"I don't know what's wrong with me but I felt like I always want to hide from him."

Amy frowned deeply. She could tell that Sheryl was still fascinated with Charles but she had been suppressing her feeling all along.

Amy was afraid that Sheryl would be hurt by Charles again so she decided to persuade her to forget Charles.

"Amy, I..." Sheryl hesitated for a moment. "I shouldn't have talked about this with you." Sheryl couldn't understand why she was able to open up to Amy like this. She didn't even mention this matter to Sue. Did she really trust Amy this much?

Sheryl didn't mean to hide things from Sue. She was just afraid that Sue would put the blame on her.

"My silly girl, don't worry. Your secret is safe with me," Amy assured her. Amy then looked at Sheryl with loving eyes. "Treat me as your own grandma. You could tell me everything," she continued.

Sheryl smiled. She felt moved by Amy's words.

"In fact..." Amy continued,"I also knew Charles. I think it would be better if you stay away from him."

Sheryl was stunned upon hearing Amy's words. "Why? Is there something wrong with his character?"

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