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   Chapter 592 Shirley Had A Fever

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"Please do not think bad of everyone!" Sheryl expressed her irritation towards Sue.

"So, you choose to think bad of me instead?" Sue felt annoyed and continued to defend herself against Sheryl,"While Anthony's away, I am responsible for your security, and I must prevent anything bad from happening to you."

Sheryl replied with a smile,"Feel free to keep your concern to yourself. Amy is not a bad person whatsoever. I must take her home to relieve the tension by offering her a glass of water. Otherwise, she may get indisposed for returning the money to me in the heat of the day."

"However, I'm not sure what her motive is." Sue remained suspicious of Amy.

Sheryl dismissed Sue by saying,"There is no harm in me doing so."

Grabbing Amy's arm, Sheryl talked to the elderly woman endearingly,"Amy, now I will take you to my house, which is close by, for a glass of refreshing water."

Even though Amy was grateful towards Sheryl, Amy responded hesitantly,"How could I bother you like this? I don't want to be a nuisance."

"Oh, please! It's the least we can do." Sheryl smiled and said,"It's only common courtesy for me to offer you a glass of water, in return for your kind gesture."

Sheryl took Amy home with her, while Sue stood vigilant. Sheryl poured Amy a glass of water and asked her whether she'd had breakfast yet.

"No, I haven't yet." Amy replied with a smile

and then frowned at the sight of packaged foods that

Sheryl had bought from the vendor on her way home. "This seems nice, but it's not very nutritious, is it?

Why don't I

y the fried pancake you ordered this morning, with a mildly spicy taste and topped with vinegar."

Amy considered offering Sheryl another bowl of wonton without a spicy and sour taste to it.

However, Sheryl stopped Amy from giving her another bowl. She expressed her gratitude towards Amy but didn't really come across as enthusiastic whatsoever.

Amy felt surprised by her response and continued to ask Sheryl whether she lived there alone, while Sheryl enjoyed the food.

Sheryl explained to Amy about Shirley's company.

At that moment, Sheryl had suspected that something must be wrong, as Shirley remained quiet in her room despite their loud conversation outside.

Sheryl then dropped the chopsticks and quickly rushed towards Shirley's room

to find Shirley laying languished and feverish on the bed.

Sheryl immediately felt her anxiety increase, as Shirley remained unresponsive and didn't move at all. Sheryl then called Sue over to help.

Sue immediately suggested sending Shirley to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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