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   Chapter 581 I Believe You

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Anthony couldn't help but asked Sheryl for confirmation when he heard about Charles's visit. "Did he come to see you?" Anthony asked with knitted eyebrows which showed his displeasure. "What did he want?" he added.

"Nothing," Sheryl replied shortly. She didn't expect this might upset Anthony even more. In fact, Sheryl really didn't know the purpose of Charles's visit today. And she was not interested to know anyway. However, Anthony didn't believe her. With a frown, he asked a question that Sheryl didn't expect. "Sher, do you really value his words more than mine?"

Aghast, Sheryl asked in return,"What are you talking about?" She couldn't hide the surprised look on her face. She really couldn't understand why Anthony would always lose his temper whenever things would involve Charles. It actually gave her a headache already. "He came to see me but I sent him away. Don't you believe me at all?"

Anthony went blank for a moment after hearing Sheryl's words. He felt bad after realizing that he seemed to have misunderstood her. Now, he couldn't help asking himself, 'Since when had things become wired between us?'

To make it up to her, he immediately replied,"Sher, you know that's not what I meant." As much as possible, he didn't want to make things worse between them so he needed to make Sheryl understand him. Despite feeling nervous, he tried to pull Sheryl's hands to hold them, but she just shrugged him off. "Anthony, when did you become so sensitive? Why don't you believe me any more?" Her voice was full of resentment.

"No. I just..." He still tried to explain but couldn't find the right words to say. Well, It took two to tango. They had been together for quite a while now and whatever the situations were right now, both of them should be held liable. "I believe you. I just don't trust him," he uttered in exasperation.

Sheryl felt exhausted dealing with this topic. She found it really useless to argue about it. So, she tried to find something to talk about. She stared at Anthony quietly while contemplating. After a while, she said,"About the contract, I have considered the consequences. I also asked Shirley's opinion about it. She likes staying here and she wishes to study here. So..." It took a while before she could finish what she wanted to say. She took a deep breath before she continued. "I would grant her wish and I've decided to stay."

She did her best to sound as convincing as possible, not wanting to get any negative comments from Anthony. She was really wondering why they would always fight every time they met. She had always wanted to have a good, peaceful, and calm conversation with him every time they talked, but things would always happen the other way around. Anxiously waiting for his reaction, she couldn't help but wish that this time, Anthony wouldn't oppose her.

Fortunately, Anthony smiled. Well, he also contemplated a lot. Since Sheryl wanted to stay, he would respect her decision.

"What a coincidence! Actually, I wanted to..." He


They had agreed to meet at the hotel's lobby. Shirley was still sleeping and Sheryl didn't want to take longer so she decided not to wake her up anymore and just left by herself. When she arrived at the lobby, she saw George waiting for her and with him was Holley. She didn't expect that George would bring Holly. Sheryl actually felt uncomfortable of her presence.

"Hi, Holley. I didn't expect to see you here," Sheryl took the initiative to greet Holley.

"Hello, Sheryl," Holley greeted back. With a smile, she continued,"I felt so happy when George told me that you finally agreed to sign the contract, so I begged him to take me to witness this moment. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course I don't." The expression on Sheryl's face was unreadable. She just smiled back at Holley.

George, who was standing next to Holley, looked at her with a not so pleased expression and said,"I wanted you to take more rest but you insisted on coming with me. Well, maybe after Sheryl signed the contract, you two can go shopping together."

"You caught me." Holley also took a glance at him. She laughed and continued with a giggle,"Hurry up. Sign the contract now. I couldn't wait to go shopping with Sheryl."

"Well, you're right. Let's get this done." While saying it, George took out a document and showed it to Sheryl. "Sheryl, this contract was well prepared so I hope you wouldn't find any problems with it. If everything's fine with you, please sign your name on it and we will be officially partners." George couldn't hide the excitement in his voice.

"Mr. Han," Sheryl said in a soft voice. She didn't take the contract. Instead, she just smiled and said,"To be honest, I have considered it for a really long time. I know I'm fortunate enough to get all my conditions satisfied and I shouldn't ask for more but..."

"But what?" Geroge interrupted her the moment he sensed a reluctance from her expression. With a knitted eyebrows, he said,"Don't tell me you've changed your mind."

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