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   Chapter 580 My Pleasure

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"Mr. Lu, please stay away from me. Why are you acting like this?" Sheryl said with consternation. She maintained a safe distance from Charles and continued,"We are not friends. And I bear no grudges against you, so there is no need for you to come here and apologize."

"What's gotten into you?" Charles frowned and asked her,"How should I know what really happened to you if you wouldn't tell me?"

Sheryl sneered,"Mr. Lu, I don't know you, and you don't know me either. We're just strangers to each other. So I think it would be better for us to stay that way instead of making some fuss.

Well, if you'd excuse me, I need to leave."

Sheryl didn't wait for Charles to answer and she immediately left with Shirley. Charles wanted to stop them but he didn't know what to say. So, all he could do was stare at their receding figures.

Sheryl was still flustered even when they entered their room. Shirley was standing beside her, frowning a bit. She then shot a timid look at Sheryl. She hadn't seen her mom being like that before.

"Sher, I'm hungry," Shirley said in a light voice. Sheryl came back to her senses when she heard that.

She was so pissed off after what happened between her and Charles that she even forgot to take Shirley to dinner.

She bent down and smiled at Shirley. "Honey, mommy will order food delivery, okay?"

"Okay," Shirley answered and sat quietly beside her.

When Sheryl turned on her phone to browse some restaurants and order something for dinner, someone knocked on the door. Shirley ran to open it so it was already too late for Sheryl to stop her.

When the door was opened, Anthony was standing there. Sheryl put down her phone and asked,"What are you doing here, Anthony?"

Shirley was happy to see Anthony. She saw that he was carrying some bags in his hands. It must be dinner for them.

"I assumed that you hadn't had dinner yet, so I bought something for you," Anthony confirmed her guess. It seemed like nothing had happened. Anthony acted as normal. He bought the dinner from the restaurant that Sheryl had been fond of when she was still Autumn. He didn't know whether she still liked the food there.


ou. I thought you hated the smell of cigarettes and it's also not good for the child.

And I will never do it in front of you."

Sheryl was upset for no reason. She paused a bit before saying to Anthony,"It's getting late, you should leave."

She didn't want to waste both of their times arguing about this matter so she decided to let him go home.

Anthony walked out of the balcony. But he turned back to her and said,"Sher, I've thought about the BM Corporation's contract..."

Sheryl looked at him and noticed the wound on his cheeks. She remembered that she also saw some bruises on Charles' face earlier. She frowned and asked Anthony,"Did you go to see Charles?"

Anthony froze for a moment. He thought that it was Charles who told Sheryl that they had seen each other and they had a fight. So he angrily confirmed,"Charles told you that, didn't he? Sher, I've already told you, you have to stay away from him. He's not good to you."

Sheryl didn't know what kind of a man Charles was. But since she heard the story from Isla, at least she could be sure that Charles was a soulful man.

So Sheryl felt a little annoyed when she heard Anthony badmouthing Charles for no reason.

"Anthony, couldn't you just calm down and think about it well? Did you really think Charles would come to me and tell me that you had seen each other? Just seeing the the wounds and bruises on both of your faces, who else won't know what happened?"

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