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   Chapter 574 Leila's Ultimatum

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A few days ago, Charlie read a book on biology. From there, he learned that regardless of Charles' blood type, it was impossible for Leila to be his biological mother.

The book also said there was a possibility of genetic mutation.

The boy had kept that secret in his heart for days. He didn't mean to divulge it, but somehow let it slip out today.

His revelation startled Leila, and he saw panic in her face. She gaped at the boy and demanded,"Who told you that, Charlie?"

Rushing towards the boy, Leila grabbed him by the shoulders and screamed,"Tell me, who said that?"

The boy said nothing. Then suddenly, something clicked in Leila's brain. 'Sheryl! It's her!' she thought.

Envy filled her thoughts. 'It doesn't matter if she has amnesia or not. The fact is she doesn't like me. So, it must be her, ' Leila decided.

"Did Sheryl say that?" she asked again. The woman was becoming very agitated. "Ahhh!" the boy cried out in pain as she continued to shake him. "Tell me if she did it!" With her face so close to Charlie's, she looked like a mad woman. Her madness started to frighten the little boy.

"Let me go!" he finally cried out, and tried to squirm free. Leila's reaction to what he unintentionally revealed confirmed his suspicion.

"Listen, Charlie," she pleaded, while tugging at his shoulders. "You're my son. That will never change. I gave birth to you and raised you. And I did not bring you up to talk back to me. You had better keep that in mind," Leila warned the boy.

Despite her fury, Leila's face had turned pale. She was sure it was Sheryl who fed Charlie those things. Leila believed that Sheryl only pretended to have amnesia, and was merely setting a trap for her.

Grimly, she thought, 'I know her tricks now. And I will never fall for them.'

"I'm your mother. Sheryl is…" she paused as anger bubbled inside her. "She's a bitch! So, why do you prefer to believe her instead of me?" The woman was now frustrated. She stared at the boy, who remained silent. Right now, she didn't like him very much. And for a moment, she kept thinking he was just as obnoxious as Sheryl.

Charlie finally shouted,"Enough!" Her words and behavior depressed him and right now, he didn't know what to do. He might appear more mature than other kids, but he was still a child. And it was hard to bear such a big secret.

At that moment, Charl

take you away. Do you hear me?" Charles looked bitterly at Leila.

"I'm fine, Daddy. Please go," he begged Charles. Charlie had calmed down since he was locked in. The boy resolved to find a way to escape, knowing he couldn't stay there anymore.

The man felt torn inside. He hated the thought of leaving his young son behind. But looking at the fierce woman before him, Charles knew he had no choice but to go.

He left with his mind jumbled with thoughts on how to rescue Charlie.

Once Charles left, Leila eventually settled down. She stared at the bedroom door and listened. There was no movement from behind. Once, she treated Charlie as her own and loved him with all her heart. But from now on, she made up her mind that he would only serve as a pawn.

"Since he can't accept me as his mother, I will stop treating him like a son," Leila muttered angrily.

Meanwhile, Sheryl somehow sensed that something terrible was happening to Charlie. It was an uncanny connection that she could not explain. So, she called Charles.

Not wanting to worry Sheryl, Charles assured the woman that everything was fine and that he would visit Charlie soon.

Sheryl felt relieved after his assurance.

Because it was Shirley's first time to visit Y City, Sheryl planned to take her around the city that afternoon. The little girl was fascinated by everything she saw on the street. And the young mother did her best to make the child happy.

They went to a children's store and Sheryl bought several clothes for her little girl. Mother and daughter had a great day together.

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