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   Chapter 567 I Underestimated You

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It was Charlie's birthday. Charles left no stone unturned to make it the best and the most special birthday party for his son. Sam attended the party alone as Chris was recovering from post delivery weakness.

Leila and Charlie were the last to arrive at the party. Charlie dressed like a gentleman. In his looks and mannerisms, he looked like a miniature version of Charles. It did not take long for him to get spotted by little Amanda who had always been fond of her handsome uncle — Charles. Now, a boy who looked exactly like Charles drew her attention.

She came closer to Charlie and stood behind him. She was happy to stay with him.

As for Charlie, he was rather miffed at being followed by a girl. He frowned at her and moved away from her as fast as he could.

"What are you doing here?" Isla asked, as she was flabbergasted to find Leila in the party. She just knew that Charles had a child with another woman. But it was really unbelievable to accept the fact that the woman was none other than Leila. She sneered at Leila and blurted out,"What a shameless woman you are! Tell me, how did you manage to hook up with Charles? And you even gave birth to a little bas..."

Isla stopped herself for uttering "bastard". 'I can't blame the innocent boy for his mother's fault, ' she told herself and tried to calm down.

Isla could not bear the sight of her. She did not spare her from her scornful remark. She snorted at her,"It looks like I underestimated you."

Leila had dressed up for the party. She already considered herself as the mistress of the Lu family. She was beaming with joy. Heart of heart, she considered this party from Charles to be a gesture of accepting her in his life.

She was in an excellent mood. Even Isla's harsh words failed to dampen her spirit. However, she withdrew her smile in front of Isla. "I know I owe a lot to Autumn. But now she is no more. And Charles and I... we have our child. I hope you can forgive me," she said trying to look apologetic in front of Isla.

It was a coincidence that Charles chose this day to celebrate Charlie's birthday. Today was his real birthday. It was the same day three years back, when she took the boy away from Autumn.

"Forgive you?" Isla sniffed at Leila,"What are you thinking? Charles will marry you? Never! Stop fooling yourself. Just keep in mind that you will never be Charles' wife even if Autumn has left the world. Don't forget who you are. You don't deserve him."

Isla was getting uncontrollable. Each and every word uttered by Leila stung her so hard. Her heart

seur moved over her skin making her feel comfortable.

Charles pushed the door open gently to find Sheryl lying on the bed in a tranquil state. He gestured the masseur to keep silent and asked him to leave. Then he tiptoed beside her bed and stood there. Sheryl had no idea that Charles was standing near to her.

With her eyes still closed, she pointed to her waist and said,"I want a massage here, please."

"How are you feeling now?" Charles asked tenderly as he rubbed her waist softly. Charles voice out of nowhere inside her room startled Sheryl. She opened her eyes to confirm her assumption. She was so petrified to see him inside her room that she sat up instantly. She was absolutely flabbergasted.

"What... What are you doing here?" she asked, dumbfounded. 'Where is that masseur?' she wondered.

Then suddenly, she blushed and lowered her eyes. Charles kept looking at her. The same coy look on her face that still tugged at his heartstring.

Charles gazed at her lovingly. "I found you look so tired, so I didn't think of waking you up. The party has begun already. Let's go," he said politely.

"Well, okay," Sheryl replied meekly, her face not yet over from the state of shock. When she was with Charles, she behaved like an obedient child.

She got up from the bed and approached to get her shoes that were lying at a distance. Watching her walking barefooted, Charles promptly brought the shoes for her.

He squatted down in an attempt to help Sheryl wear her shoes. Once again, she grew red with embarrassment and stopped him at once. "Well... I can handle it myself," she muttered.

'How can I allow a man to help me wear my shoes? It's so awkward, ' she said to herself.

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