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   Chapter 566 Just Forget It

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It would be terrible and wrong to spoil BM Corporation's show. The more serious consequence would be that Sheryl's career as a model would be finished.

Thanks to her cautious nature, she had checked her shoes carefully and didn't wear the glued shoes. Obviously, one of the other models was trying to sabotage Sheryl. Sue was apoplectic with rage at the trap. She thought it necessary to discover the person who did this to Sheryl. Seeing the anger on Sue's face, Sheryl tugged at Sue's arm and comforted her," Just forget it! There were no serious consequences."

She wanted this to be over. It was not worth stressing over a trivial issue. She would soon go back to the United States while the other models would continue to stay in Y City. They had signed agreements with BM Corporation to that effect. Thankfully she had signed no such agreement. She showed magnanimity and decided she would forget the incident. She wasn't expecting to be picked on and bullied.

"She just got dumb lucky. Just an unbelievable amount of luck. If only I knew breaking her shoes would bring her so much publicity, I would have torn her clothes instead. Then I wonder how she would explain that to the company," one of the models bitched backstage.

"Yes, that is what you should have done. Wonder why she is so favoured by our boss? Is she really that excellent a model? Why should she enjoy a higher salary and get special treatment? She is just an old lady with a child. It's so unfair," the other models jealously said.

"Hey!" one girl yelled at Sheryl. She seemed to be the chosen representative of the other models. Staring fiercely at Sheryl, she threatened," I am warning you. You had better give up your agreement with BM Corporation. Go back to America, or I'll destroy you. You will lose everything."

"Damn bitch! How dare you talk all this nonsense and bullshit!" Sue cursed and swiftly ran towards that girl. She was enraged. She wanted to slap that girl's face, damn the consequences. It was a knee-jerk reaction. Every time someone taunted Sheryl, she would rush in to defend Sheryl on the spot. It was not only because Sheryl was her best friend, but also because she admired Sheryl's hard-working attitude. Sheryl hurried to pull back Sue and calmed her," Just forget it. I won't lose anything just because she is spouting crap." Sheryl firmly believed in keeping far away from trouble. She was too good hearted and stable to be troubled by unwarranted provocation.

Sue did not share Sheryl's view and said solemnly," Sher, you are too soft and good-tempered. They were bullying you and may do worse things in the future. How can you tolerate this rubbish?"

"As usual Sheryl remains quiet while her follower jumps in on her behalf itching to fight," the other models sneered. They mocked and laughed at Sue for sticking her nose where it didn't belong.

Sue lost her cool and reached out to punch the speakers. Sheryl once again held her back. She stared at Sue and then cunningly asked," Mimi, if you were bitten by a dog, would you bite it back?" Sheryl couldn't bear the mockery anymore. It was useless to get angry and would lead to further frustration rather than satisfaction.

"How dare you compare me to a dog?" the woman standing foremost of the group immediately reacted wit

olors printed on them. It reminded people of their childhood.

The dining hall was decorated with bright yellow balloons. There was a huge birthday cake in front of the stage. The warm scene reminded her of Shirley whose birthday was also today. Without her mother with her, Shirley would surely have an incomplete happiness.

Sheryl was the first guest to arrive. She noticed that a table in the center of the dining hall was surrounded by about fifteen chairs. "Miss Xia, you are here," Charles greeted Sheryl warmly as soon as he saw her. Noticing her tired face, he suggested," There is still some time before the party begins. You can go upstairs and rest in the room there. I guess you are tired out after the show. Rest there for some time until I call you down."

Sheryl didn't refuse Charles's kind offer. She was really tired. Also, being alone with Charles in the big hall left her embarrassed.

She went upstairs with Charles. In order to make her more comfortable, he had asked a masseuse to give her a massage. He hoped that would help her loosen up a little.

He didn't accompany her further. Today's dinner was a very important one. He wanted to personally make sure everything went well.

Gary arrived at the hall after Sheryl. He brought with him a copy of 'A Guide to Chess' for Charlie's birthday present. Isla and Aron followed with their daughter Amanda. Isla looked unhappy. If Aron hadn't smoothed things over for Charles, she wouldn't come. She hated Leila and it was hard for her to accept the fact that Charles and Leila had a son.

Thanks to Aron's persuasion, she was here finally. She didn't talk to Charles though. Instead she glared at him with dislike.

Aron thumped Charles on the back and didn't say anything. He knew Charles would understand what he wanted to convey. Empty words were not needed between them.

He thought, 'Three years have passed. Tough times never last but tough people do. I am so happy Charles's wife is back. I hope Isla won't get too excited.'

"Come in. Come in and have a seat," Charles smiled in welcome. He knew Aron had gone to BM Corporation's show. So by now Aron must surely have recognized Sheryl as Charles's wife.

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