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   Chapter 565 A Treacherous Show

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Anthony gazed at Andy who was seated opposite him at the dining table as he asked coldly,"I came to see you for one thing... our secret agreement. Did anyone know about that?"

He had been in touch with Andy all these years. Back then, Andy didn't dare tell Autumn the news about her missing son, even when she finally decided to take the pills.

In fact, Andy was able to trace Leila and Autumn's son. He came to Autumn that time with the intention to fill her in of the news and their location. But Anthony stopped him.

Knowing Andy's son was suffering from heart disease, Anthony promised to help save his child in exchange for Andy keeping to himself the whereabouts of Autumn's son.

When Andy first heard of that offer from Anthony, he was irritated and accused Anthony of blackmailing him in exchange for his son's life. Anthony used to be a doctor so he was well-connected in the medical profession. He resourcefully found a suitable heart for Andy's son.

Anthony then made a deal with Andy that if he wanted to save his son's life, he should never tell others, including the Zhao family that Autumn was still alive.

Just to keep his child alive, Andy agreed reluctantly.

He thought at that time, 'Nothing is more important than keeping my child alive. After all, people are selfish animals.

And besides, Autumn has lost all her memory about that life.'

"Don't worry Anthony. I did as you requested. No one knows Autumn is alive, including Abby," Andy replied. "So, what's up with you and Autumn?" Andy asked with overwhelming curiosity.

"We're doing great. Actually, we could not ask for anything better," Anthony answered softly. He then demanded somberly,"I hope you can keep our deal between us. I don't want anyone to know about that. Is it clear?"

"No worries, I got that a hundred percent clear," Andy replied. Andy lifted his brows wistfully. 'Anthony really loves Autumn so much, but he expressed everything the selfish way.

Once Autumn regains her memories and figures out what he did behind her back, she will hate him and worst, leave him.'

Anthony had a hunch that what he did secretly was going to be found out. That was why he came to meet Andy to remind him and fortify their agreement.

"How about... that boy? Where is he now?" he added. After finding the boy's location, Andy initially planned to bring him back to Autumn. But Anthony stopped him. He didn't want that child to disturb his already happy life with Sheryl. Andy told Anthony everything he knew about the boy. "He is doing great. Leila did a good job at raising him. She also int

nway elegantly and naturally on tiptoe. She imagined herself wearing a pair of magic high-heeled shoes.

The charming smile on her face as she glided effortlessly took away the audiences' breath.

The show was spectacular. Sheryl was like a pretty fairy as she worked the miracle on the stage. Impressed by her wonderful performance, the special guests who were present in the show stood up and clapped their hands ecstatically.

Aron was one of the audiences beside the runway of the stage. When he recognized Sheryl who looked exactly like Autumn, he was petrified.

He suddenly thought of Charles who had pulled himself up from his depression. 'Did he find Autumn?' he wondered, confounded.

After the conclusion of the show, Sheryl heaved a long sigh of relief. When she returned to the back stage, she found George and Holley anxiously waiting for her. They gladly hugged and gave her their cordial congratulations. It was not until the host called out the couple's names did they leave for the stage. Once her bosses left, Sheryl sunk on one of the models' couches and took a break.

"Drink some water," Sue offered, as she gave Sheryl a bottled water. Sue embraced her impressively. "Congratulations girl, you did it! Fortunately, you thought of that excellent idea. Otherwise, the show would have been a mess," she remarked.

With a sneer, Sue raised her voice and said scornfully,"There are always some jealous women out there. Most of them have very little talent, so they resort to dirty tricks to bring down the performance of others. They are so gullible."

Sue was defending Sheryl. 'If she wore this pair of shoes, it would have been a total disaster and embarrassment for her, ' Sue thought to herself.

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