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   Chapter 564 Much Resemblance To Autumn

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Chris frowned and continued,"Charlie has the blood of Lu family. He rightfully deserves our love and care, but you..."

Chris paused for a moment and then continued,"After all, you are Charlie's mother. You'd better seek my grandpa's help to gain entry into Lu family."

She then suggested to Leila,"It will be better if you take Charlie with you. He will comfort and amuse my grandpa immensely. When he softens up enough, he may speak in your favor."

That was all the help that Chris had to give to Leila.

Leila had expected Chris to offer her fullest support and assistance. She desperately needed her help to be admitted into Lu family, however, she met with disappointment. Feeling helpless, she stood up to bid farewell to Chris,"Anyway, I am indebted to you for your earlier support. Now I have to rely on my own self to achieve my goal, it seems."

After Leila left, Sam came into the room carrying their son in his arms. Chris smiled and enjoyed the pleasure of amusing her son. Meanwhile, Sam peeled an apple, heated it and lovingly began to feed her.

"Did Leila come to ask you to appeal to Charles on her behalf once again?" Sam enquired.

"Why else?" Chris nodded gently with a resigned sigh.

"She has no right to keep pestering you," Sam said with irritation and distaste. "You should not entertain her but dismiss her instantly and rudely if need be."

"Sam, I know! I am not a silly woman." Chris admitted to her previous mistake. "After deep reflection, I realize I can not change Charles's mind. If I persisted in helping Leila, it would upset Charles."

On hearing Chris say this, Sam felt greatly relieved.

Isla, informed of Charles's decision to throw a birthday party fo

met Andy who was dressed in a smart suit. Andy stared at Shirley with affection.

"Tony, where are we?" Shirley idly asked Anthony as she played with her doll.

"We are visiting an old friend before reuniting with Sher. Is it okay, sweetie?" Anthony tried to comfort Shirley.

Shirley was very excited at the promise of meeting Sheryl later.

Andy escorted them to a coffee shop near the terminal. It was well equipped with playthings for children. Shirley was extremely happy at this and was soon lost in play. Andy studied Shirley for quite a while and exclaimed,"Time does fly. Shirley is growing up so fast and so soon."

"Most definitely, she is." Anthony proudly replied with almost paternal love for Shirley.

"Shirley looks so much like Autumn," Andy remarked casually as he continued to gaze at the playing child.

"Exactly," Anthony smiled,"A true beauty. So much like her mother Autumn."

With past memories of happiness and sadness still vivid in mind, Andy cast a meaningful look at Anthony. He then asked,"Anthony, I know you're not here to talk about the old days. Now let's get down to the business on hand."

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