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   Chapter 562 Charlie's Birthday Party

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Holley couldn't help but giggle in her mind. 'Just like that, this aloof and arrogant man is being taken for granted by his beloved woman.'

"Hello Mister," greeted Holley who was standing in front of Charles. 'Now, I'm more beautiful and a different woman. I'm pretty sure he will never recognize that I'm Yvonne Gu, ' she thought.

To totally forget her past, she didn't only change her appearance but also her voice.

Holley offered her hand politely. Charles narrowed his eyes and hesitated for a while. Then, he extended his right hand and shook hands with the unknown woman. He withdrew his hand immediately and turned around to face Sheryl. "Why didn't you answer my call?" the man asked loudly.

Sheryl looked slightly awkward not only because of Charles booming voice, but also for the reason that she saw Holley's wry expression while shaking hands with Charles. To her immediate relief, Holley gave a little chuckle, turned her back and walked away.

However, many people stared at them. Sheryl pulled Charles' sleeves and they walked to a corner. "I was rehearsing. What are you doing here?" she asked.

Sheryl kept reminding herself that the man was just Charlie's father and nothing more.

Charles was a good observant. Sensing that Sheryl became distant, he raised his eyebrows and felt a little annoyed. Despite this, he pretended to look calm as if nothing had happened. "I came here and met my client in that nearby building. I know you live here, so I decided to pass by and see you. I'm planning to hold a birthday party for Charlie on Saturday night. Would you like to join us?" he invited.

"Saturday?" Sheryl mumbled to herself in surprise. "This coming Saturday is Charlie's birthday?" she asked, dumbfounded.

'Shirley's birthday is also that day. What a coincidence!' she said to herself.

"No, it's not his birthday," Charles replied. "Charlie's birthday had already passed, but I still want to hold a birthday party for him. I acknowledged him as my son very recently, so, I owed him a lot. I only want to make amends," he explained, as his eyes darkened with sadness.

With a smile, he changed the subject immediately. "You will leave after finish

ring this, Sheryl froze as she contemplated, 'Although those are Sue's speculations, they do make sense to some extent.'

"That's his personal matter, It has nothing to do with me," Sheryl uttered with an embarrassed smile.

Sheryl tried to pretend that she didn't care about Charles. However, Sue knew her friend very well. She thought Sheryl might have some feelings for the man.

"Sher, I'm telling you these because I want to remind you that he isn't a good man. You should be wary of him," Sue warned. After a pause, she went on,"Now, he approached you and used his son as an excuse. Perhaps, he will think of some other alibi to be with you. Be careful, okay?"

"Oh, come on girl! I'm not an idiot not to see that," Sheryl answered, again defensively. She couldn't think clearly after knowing that Charles was that man. "I will just attend the party to give my blessings to Charlie. You think too much Mimi," she continued.

"You... listen..." Sue faltered, squinting at her. 'Sheryl doesn't realize her true feelings for that guy. If she continues to meet him, she may fall in love with him, ' she pondered.

Unwilling to waste time to argue with Sue, Sheryl walked to the backstage, leaving her friend alone.

Sue and Sheryl clashed with each other because of Charles. Sheryl thought, she misinterpreted her closeness with Charles. Sue on the other hand was sure, Sheryl would get hurt if she continued in accepting Charles' invitations.

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