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   Chapter 560 Women’s Countless Cunning

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6994

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Holley tearfully narrated all the hardships she had been through her whole life. She had never spoken about any of this before and doing so caused a wide release of emotions. She started talking about the violent death her mother had suffered and then went on to her stint in jail, due to Autumn's wrongdoing.

She carefully avoided talking about the miserable days she had served as a whore. Those days had been unbearable and she had no desire to relive painful memories.

George, on the other hand, maintained a singular focus on the prosperous Y City. He was determined to fulfill his ambitions overseas and also have a fresh beginning with Holley. They deserved a new life.

When George went for the job interview, he was in for a nasty shock. He caught sight of Sheryl who resembled Autumn in the photo greatly. He rushed back to inform Holley of his discovery, which set off a series of consequences.

The torment that had resulted from that miserable days had transformed pitiful Yvonne Gu into an unscrupulous avenger, Holley Ye.

However, she remained calm and collected and determined to reach her goals.

"I have given the contract to Sheryl to weigh the pros and cons and come to a decision," George started,"but she seemed hesitant to give in."

Upon hearing his words, Holley expressed her vexation,"By hook or by crook, you have to get Sheryl to sign the contract or we will be in trouble."

Only when Sheryl stayed in Y City could Holley carry out her plan.

Holley was determined to get back at Autumn completely and absolutely for everything the latter had done to the former. Holley was intent on revenge.

Holley felt extremely superior at the thought of gaining victory but there was a long way to go.

George found it hard to reconcile this supercilious, arrogant version of Holley with her ordinary, sweet one. Every time Sheryl was merely mentioned, Holley seemingly transformed into a whole new person.

George frowned and continued,"You can rest assured. I will honor my promise, but..." He left his sentence unfinished.

During the short perio

rles to avoid every possible trouble.

When the rehearsal concluded, Sheryl caught sight of Holley standing before her at the backstage. With a bottle of water in hand, she expressed her compliments. "Sheryl, your performance was amazing. The way you were just moving was so gracefully and elegantly that both the men and women were admiring you."

Holley was speaking to Sheryl loudly purposely, in order to attract the attention of models present, which embarrassed Sheryl to no end. However, Sheryl did not object. Pressing forth, Holley continued,"Sheryl, I am coming to negotiate with you on particular terms and conditions of the contract. George and I wanted to let you know that we are willing to even grant you concessions as long as they are reasonable."

Upon hearing the conversation, the passing-by models stared at Sheryl with growing jealousy.

'Why is Sheryl receiving special treatment? Nothing justifies her superiority, as she's even older and has a daughter, ' the jealous models wondered.

Holley's plan seemed to be working perfectly, with everything falling into place. All the models present started becoming hostile after witnessing the conversation. Their hostility arose from the indignation that came only from being ignored unfairly.

Sheryl, sensing the change in her colleague's attitudes, grabbed Holley's arm to continue their conversation elsewhere.

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