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   Chapter 558 Something Has Changed

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Charlie instinctively did not mention Sheryl to Leila. His gut told him that if Leila knew about Sheryl there would be hell to pay. Thus, he kept his secret.

"Enough!" Leila cried out loudly with a frown on her face. 'This is the boy who I have been raising for years. He's only known Charles for a few days. However, his loyalty is for his father instead of me. How ridiculous and pathetic!' she thought bitterly with anger and sorrow.

She sneered and said in a cold voice,"It's late. You should go to bed."

Saying this, she stood up and left Charlie's room. She didn't want to argue with Charlie about these things anymore.

Back in her room she took a shower and tried to calm down. As she lay in bed, Charlie's words kept running through her mind. 'If Charles really hates me, nothing I do will matter, ' she thought to herself secretly.

She had even employed the age-old trick of producing a son even before he could work out if he had ever had sex with her. But still Charles refused to accept her. She pondered on this and tried to figure out what she should do next.

Suddenly, she remembered Chris. Chris was most likely to be her only ally in that house. She would surely help Leila.

This thought cheered her up and Leila breathed a sigh of relief. She snuggled into the bed to make herself more comfortable. Although Chris had just given birth and should not be bothered, Leila knew she had no other choice. So she was determined to ask Chris for help the next day.

At the hotel

Ever since Sheryl got back to her room she just lay in bed. She neither undressed nor went for a bath. When Sue came back after a midnight feast with the other models, she found the room dark. She thought Sheryl hadn't returned. As a result, when she turned on the light, she got a fright at the sight of Sheryl in bed.

"God, you freaked me out," Sue exclaimed, placing her hand over her racing?heart. "I thought you weren't back yet. Why did you lying in the dark?" she frowningly asked.

Sheryl made no reply and remained motionless in bed. It was as if she hadn't heard her friend at all.

What Sue did not know was that Sheryl had an issue raging in her mind. Sheryl was perplexed about why she hadn't experienced any attract

Sheryl didn't dare voice this to Anthony.

Anthony was startled by her sudden anger. He asked tentatively,"Sher, my love, what's wrong? What has happened to you? Your behavior is worrisome."

"Nothing…nothing is wrong. I don't know why I am so stressed," Sheryl responded dryly. She then tried to compose herself and changed the subject. "Is Shirley asleep?" she asked gently.

"Yes dear, she has been asleep for sometime now," Anthony replied in a sad voice. "She was asking to video chat with you before she went to bed. She remembered that her birthday is coming soon. She was eager to ask you whether you would be back by then to celebrate it with her. She is really excited about it, you know."

Sheryl felt a wave of regret. She had always celebrated Shirley's birthday with her. Unfortunately, this year her daughter's birthday fell on the same day as the show of BM Corporation.

Sheryl knitted her brows and said,"Anthony, please comfort her for me. Will you tell her that I'll make it up to her when I get back. I will celebrate her birthday again at that time."

Anthony replied,"Okay Sher. I will make her understand this. Don't you worry. Just take care of yourself and come back soon." Then he told Sheryl to rest. "It must be rather late in Y City. Go to bed. Don't wear yourself out."

"I know, I'll take care of myself." Finally, Sheryl cheered up a little. "Anthony, I am not a kid. Stop talking to me like you talk to Shirley," she teased in a laughing voice.

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