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   Chapter 552 Sue's Secret

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"You know what, Sher? At first, I was really envious of you. But then I got to know you better and found out you were such a good person. You've been very kind to me, and I wanted to treat you the same way."

Taking a deep breath, Sue further added,"I chose to keep my feelings for Anthony to myself because you're my best friend and I couldn't steal your boyfriend." Feeling tipsy, she then hugged Sheryl. "My beloved and my bestie together. Sher, promise me you'll treat Anthony well, or I will hate you," Sue declared, already woozy.

Her confession left Sheryl dumbfounded. She was totally unaware that her confidant felt something for her boyfriend. And if Sue had not gotten drunk, she would never find out about this.

"Mimi! Why didn't you say anything before?" Sheryl implored, feeling like an idiot as soon as she said it. 'If I were in her shoes, I would also keep this a secret, ' she thought.

"What would be the point?" Sue said bitterly. "You and Anthony love each other. I already lost from the beginning."

Now feeling guilty, Sheryl tried to think about it thoroughly. 'Every time Anthony and I fought, it was always Sue that he leaned on. It must have been hard for her to comfort him.'

"I'm sorry, Mimi…" Feeling sorry for her friend, Sheryl reached out, taking both of her hands as she apologized.

"Don't say that," Sue told Sheryl while brushing away her tears. Feeling as if it were all a dream, she continued,"As long as you and Anthony are happy, I will also be happy." Before Sheryl could react, she quickly changed the topic.

"I have something to tell you," Sue whispered and gestured for her friend to come closer. "I signed a contract with Mr. Han today," she announced. To indicate she didn't understand anything, Sheryl slightly shook her head.

"What did you say?" she asked. Sensing something wasn't right, Sheryl frowned.

"Mr. Han invited me to join the new modeling agency he is putting up. I accepted his offer and signed a modeling contract with him," Sue answered in detail. Smiling, she added,"When we finish this show, I'm not going back to America anymore. I like it here in Y City." Hesitating, Sue said softly,"I'm staying here."

Sheryl's eyes widened in surprise. "Are you crazy?" she cried out. She couldn't believe what her friend was saying. "You told me we should stay in America because we had a better chance there. Have you forgotten?"

"Yeah, I said that," Sue replied, with a hint

g rehearsals, Sheryl's mind was preoccupied and kept losing her focus. Director Ang noticed this and scolded her several times. He didn't stop until George came to her rescue.

George took her to a nearby coffee shop and chose a table near the window. After the waitress brought their orders, George started making small talk, smiling at her. "The coffee here is excellent. Go ahead, try it," he offered.

Sheryl was fidgeting in her seat. "Thank you, Mr. Han," she said politely. She had no idea why George had brought her there.

Her nerves showed as she kept rubbing the coffee cup with both hands.

George noticed and assured her,"Take it easy. I just wanted to have a chat with you." He cleared his throat and asked,"Miss Xia, I heard you have a daughter. Is that right?"

"Yes, that's right," Sheryl replied, taken aback by the question. Her mind was working overtime, wondering about the inquiry.

"Have you chosen a kindergarten for her?" he asked curiously. Sheryl frowned a little before answering,"I've checked out two schools in America. But, I'm still considering which one to choose," she said truthfully. What Sheryl preferred more was to find a school in Y City for her daughter. She was thinking it would be better suited for Shirley with regard to the same nationality and skin, as well as language. And this way, her child could make friends more easily and enjoy school life.

While she thought about all this, it crossed her mind that they still might have to stay in America. Suddenly, George spoke up.

"Tell me. What do you think of this school?" he asked, casually handing her a school brochure.

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