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   Chapter 551 Sue’s Ball Encounter

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"Charles, I am waiting for you." To set his mind at ease, Gary told Charles,"Chris is being taken care of by Sam. Nacy has been told to take care of her meals and also inform Sam of her caretaker role. Charles, you can take it easy tonight and not come over." As he spoke, Gary poured out and handed a cup of tea to Charles, who said,"Thanks. I also have something to discuss with you."

Charles wanted to inform Gary that he was going to formalize the relationship between Sheryl and himself.

At their initial meetings and interaction, Sheryl had been cautious while dealing with Charles.

He asked,"Grandpa, do you want to say something about Charlie?" Charles had been brave enough to express his stand on taking charge of Charlie.

Gary replied,"I am fond of Charlie. Why don't you bring Charlie to visit me at home. He will be a comfort to me during Chris' absence and yours."

"Okay, I will arrange for Charlie to visit you later," Charles replied with a small smile and nodded his head as he gave Gary his verbal consent.

"So Charles," Gary started saying. Charles knew at once that he was referring to Leila.

Gary and Chris were supportive of Leila and wanted to give her the recognition of being Charlie's mother.

"What have you thought about Leila? How do you want to treat her?" Gary flung the question to Charles. In a firm voice he said,"Charlie needs both his parents, a proper family."

Charles said in a subdued voice,"Grandpa, I know how to handle this matter. I will give Charlie a happy and loving home, where Leila shall be included."

Charles' thoughts drifted to Sheryl's beautiful face. He smiled to himself. He told Gary very firmly,"I never liked Leila and I don't like her now. Even lesser is my willin

th your boyfriend and daughter on video chat." Returning from the ball, a drunken Sue muttered as soon as she spied Sheryl hanging up.

Seeing Sue, Sheryl instantly rose from the bed and came swiftly to help Sue sit down. She scolded,"You should not have drunk excessively. You know you cannot hold your drinks."

"I was drinking in high spirits." Sue replied smilingly,"Sheryl, you should have accompanied me to the ball. The most influential and powerful men in Y City were chasing those coquettish models.

By the way, I met Mr. Han's fiancee who looks like," Sue let out a loud burp and continued,"an artificial beauty. I really wonder why Mr. Han considers her as marriage material."

Sue sighed as she whined,"It seems I am not fated to marry any successful man."

"Sue, you are too flirtatious to love a single man," Sheryl admonished as she helped Sue to the bed.

"You are right! Sheryl, you know Anthony is also one of my favorite men." Sue continued casually,"I fell into love with Anthony at first sight, but he loves you not me..."

Sue, though smiling, was unable to hold back her tears at the realization that Anthony did not love her.

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