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   Chapter 548 Charlie's Friend

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Despite Charlie being Leila's son, Alice had a strong urge to protect him. After all, she knew he was still a child.

From the looks of him, the boy didn't think or care if his father might throw a tantrum because of what happened to the picture frame. His full attention was on the woman in the photo. "Does my father like her very much?" he asked Alice. "Does he still want to marry her?' he added.

"Of course, he does!" Alice blurted out. Alice felt deeply sorry for Charlie after what she said. 'He's only a child. Like other kids, he's probably hoping his parents will stay together. It must feel awful to find out there is a woman that stands between his father and mother, ' she thought.

Feeling guilty, she hurriedly moved to comfort the boy and said,"Your father used to like that girl very much. But now that he's found you, he will treat you and your mother well."

Little did she know that Charlie was aware that his father would never accept Leila.

Of that he was sure.

'Adults always lie to me. They think I'm too young to understand things. But I do get it, ' he thought to himself.

The boy knew Charles had no feelings for his mother, and marrying her was out of the question. It was his mom who kept pestering him.

Then he got to thinking, 'If Charles like Sheryl so much, should I help him win her back?' He then thought about his father and his friend.

Charlie wanted to see Charles smiling brightly just like in the picture. In his eyes, his father became very charming and dashing when he smiled sincerely.

Suddenly, the door swung open. Alice turned to look and saw her boss about to enter. As David held the door open, she quickly stood up and lowered her head. "I'm very sorry, Mr. Lu. I broke your cherished photo accidentally. It's all my fault, and I'm willing to accept whatever punishment," she apologized, her voice trembling with fear.

She was preparing for the scolding that was sure to follow. "You should have been more careful," David berated Alice in a low voice, standing behind Charles with his eyebrows knitted.

"I didn't do it on purpose," Alice defended herself. She looked miserable as she avoided Charlie's eyes.

Suddenly, a new voice filled the room. "Dad!" The boy called out, walking up to Alice.

'It was me, not her. I will not let Alice

ed again.

When Charlie told him where Sheryl was staying, he was surprised. 'She's in Eric's hotel. Maybe I've run into her without knowing it, ' he thought.

Overjoyed, Charles hugged his son tightly and kissed him several times. "If that woman turns out to be Autumn, then he is my lucky star, ' he said to himself.

"Dad, my face is wet all over!" Charlie complained because of the kissing. But while he grumbled, the boy was also ecstatic.

The man wasted no time and lifted his son, carrying him to the car. He practically ran out of the office. On the drive to the hotel, Charlie sent Sheryl a text message without his father knowing. His friend had just come out of the shower and read the message.

When she learned Charlie was coming, she grabbed a towel and quickly dried her hair. She got dressed and told Sue, who was inside the bathroom, that she was leaving.

"Where are you going?" Sue called out. "Have you forgotten we have a meeting tonight?" It had been a while since all the models arrived in Y City. With everyone busy with rehearsals and so many other activities, there was no time for them to sit down and get to know each other. With the show date fast approaching, George arranged a party for them, hoping they could relax and catch up.

Sheryl replied loudly,"I'm going to pass on this. Tell them I don't have time!"

She ran out of the room, worried that Charlie would arrive early and have to wait alone. She stood outside the hotel waiting for the boy, whom she had come to adore in such a short time.

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