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   Chapter 547 The Beautiful Sister In The Photo

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Feeling the need to respond, David responded to Mr. Shen,"Can you please tell me how Mr. Lu's child would affect the normal operations of Sun Company and Shining Company?"

He believed it was necessary to argue with the elder directors present when it came to the matter of Charles' son.

"David, you have no authority to speak in this meeting!" Mr. Shen's sarcastic remark was meant to dismiss Charles' assistant.

But Charles was not about to allow an attack on his trusted man, so he questioned his rival,"Mr. Shen, is it true your son has been accepted by a prestigious university in America?" The question was surprising, but not unwelcome.

"Yes, he has," he beamed with pride. To glorify his family, Mr. Shen had been proudly announcing his son's scholarship.

So everyone, including Charles, felt that the matter merited a closer look, and Mr. Shen suddenly realized this.

"I find the matter irrelevant to this stockholders' meeting!" the man quickly exclaimed. Mr. Shen felt threatened by Charles' strong character, but he would never admit to it. He knew that great care was necessary when dealing with the young Mr. Lu.

"And neither is my private affair relevant!" Charles snapped. Seething inside, Charles kept his composure.

The stockholder looked at Charles with contempt and proceeded to argue. "Your case is different! You are the chairman of Sun Company and Shining Company. These two companies have images to protect. But a scandal such as your having a love child damages that good image!" Anger colored the man's face.

Charles tapped his fingers on the table. "Mr. Shen, here's a rumor that needs an explanation." He sneered and looked at the other stockholders before continuing. "I was told that the night before the admission test, your son was in a bar with a woman. He was later detained by the police after the woman filed attempted rape charges against him. Fortunately, because of your influence and power, he escaped prosecution. However, he did bribe someone to take his place for the admission test." With an eyebrow raised, he looked at Mr. Sh

little boy.

The child was shocked over the accident and quickly took the photo out of the frame before brushing off the broken glass.

But he remained curious. With childlike innocence, he asked Alice,"Who is this woman in the photo?"

What also caught Charlie's interest when he saw the picture was Charles' expression while posing.

In the time he had spent with Charles, Charlie noticed his father rarely smiled. If he did, it was as if he carried a burden. So it was a pleasant surprise to see him looking very happy in the photograph.

And his curiosity about the connection between Charles and Sheryl grew.

"This woman…" he pointed to Autumn. Alice was in a dilemma. Considering he was Leila's son, should she tell Charlie the truth or make something up about Autumn's identity?

"Please, tell me, and I promise to keep it a secret," he begged. Charlie was intent on learning the truth. And he was skillful enough to use words that would make Alice give in and reveal what she knew.

Alice was also astonished about how convincing the child was.

Finally, she said,"That woman in the photo is Autumn. She was your Dad's previous wife." Alice paused to look at the boy. Sadly, she related,"She went missing three years ago. But in your Dad's mind, she will come back. This picture is Mr. Lu's treasure. And I have to deal with him when he discovers what happened to it."

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