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   Chapter 544 Chris’s Boomerang

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Gary and Charles wasted no time to bring Chris, who was in labor, to the nearby hospital's emergency room. They were immediately assisted and attended by the doctor and nurses on duty. Upon seeing that Chris's water already broke, they rushed her to the adjacent delivery room..

More than one hour had excruciatingly passed. Very tensed, Gary and Charles sprung out of their seats as both saw the attending doctor came out of the delivery room. The doctor then happily announced that Chris was lucky for normally and safely giving birth to a healthy baby boy. Charles and Gary breathed a deep sigh of relief and rejoiced. Leila and Charlie followed them to the hospital. On hearing the news, Leila felt somewhat envious of Chris.

The hospital staff already transferred Chris into her ward located at the second floor. Before they went to her ward, Charles said to Leila,"It's very late. Take Charlie back now." Then he turned to Charlie and said in an affectionately voice,"Charlie, it's late and you need to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow. Is that okay?"

"Okay," Charlie relied. After a short pause, he added with a hopeful expression,"Dad, I want to learn how to play chess."

"Chess?" Charles sounded somewhat stunned but then voiced his approval and support,"No problem son. I love that you are interested in playing chess. I'll take you to a chess training club tomorrow."

"Thanks, Dad!" Charlie replied gladly. Leila was happy to see the growing affinity between Charlie and Charles.

"I'm going back with Charlie now. See you, Charles," Leila said, looking affectionately at Charles. Charlie would already fall asleep now if he were at home, so Leila had to take him back home.

Charles escorted Leila and Charlie to the taxi waiting area outside the hospital lobby. He hailed a cab, opened the door and let Leila and Charlie go inside. He then returned to Chris' ward after the taxi left. After entering the ward, Charles saw Gary nagging Chris. Charles decided to give them some space. He got out of the room, walked to the lobby and sat on the bench. Back in Chris' room, Gary was still on his sermons. "As an expectant mother, you should have been more careful. Sam would surely blame me if anything bad happened to you."

Seemingly annoyed by his grandfather, Chris fired back in a cold tone,"Please mind your own business." Chris turned her face to the left to avoid facing Gary. Obviously, Chris harbored a grudge against his grandfather who slighted her very recent suggestion of replacing Autumn with Leila by forcing Charles to marry the latter.

Gary knew that for the same reason, his granddaughter was still mad at him. He tried to again reason it out with Chris,"We cannot allow, by any means, an undesirable woman like Leila to marry your brother! Chris, you are a mother now. You should know better and be more understanding."

"But..." Chris tried to counter but then reflected for a moment. 'Indeed, it would also be against my will to marry anyone else other than Sam, ' Chris told herself.

Yet still she reasoned out,"Grandpa, Charles' case is different." Chris tried to expound on her rebuffed suggestion about Leila and Charles. She was convinced she did it out of good will. Then, she faced Gary and in a mild tone uttered,"Leila's ch

int, squeaking sound of the room's door hinges. It slightly woke him up and then he got fully awakened by the sight of Sam who showed right after the door opened. Both looked at Chris who was still in deep sleep.

Charles while rubbing his eyes quietly stood up and greeted Sam in a barely audible voice,"Hey Sam." Sam raised his right arm to silently acknowledge Charles. Charles tiptoed to Sam and gently grabbed his left arm, pulled Sam out of the room and then carefully closed the door in an effort not to awaken Chris. He walked side by side with Sam going to the nursery to see his son. On their way, Charles explained the incident to Sam in an apologetic tone,"Sam, first of all, I have to admit that it was my mistake last night.... I... I made Chris so emotionally upset to the extent that it triggered her premature delivery. I'm very sorry but that wasn't my intention. You know that I always pray for the safety of Chris and your baby. My conscience would consume me if something bad happened to both of them and... I would really be so ashamed to face you."

Sam was earlier informed by Gary about the incident. He knew that it was Chris's mistake. He deeply sighed and in a consoling tone said,"Charles, it was all Chris's fault. It was her twisted idea and actions that induced her premature delivery. I am very much indebted to you and Gary for taking good care of her."

"Chris is my dear sister. She deserves my care and affection, Sam. The same way that she deserves Gary's and yours. Since we were kids, she always wanted me to be happy. So many times she tried to fix things for me just to make me smile. She's quite stubborn sometimes but that's how she is and I truly love her for that." Charles replied gently and calmly,"Now that you are here, I will leave Chris and my nephew to you buddy. It's already morning, I have to go back to work. Promise I'll be here tonight."

Sam was in heaven after seeing his son. In his best mood, Sam invited Charles,"Why in a hurry? Please join us in breakfast!" Sam tried his best to persuade Charles for the breakfast he incidentally bought while on his way to the hospital, but Charles graciously declined and took off.

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