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   Chapter 538 You're Not To Blame

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Updated: 2019-02-08 00:20

"Would you... would you be able to forgive me?" Charles asked his son. The seconds felt eternal as he was waiting expectantly for his answer.

"I won't blame you if you can't," he said interrupting the uncomfortable silence. Then Charlie replied diplomatically,"She told me that she gave birth to me secretly and you couldn't have known that; so I don't blame you for anything."

Relieved, Charles returned a warm "Thank you." He was happy that Leila had not taught Charlie to hate him. That was the least she could have done.

He hugged his son and swore to be there for him more, from now on.

"So now," Charlie started inquiring,"will you and her... you know... be together?" It was simply a curious question from a little boy; he didn't intend anything by it.

However, Charles was surprised by his question. He wasn't sure where he was going with it, so he replied hesitantly,"No, we won't."

Charles worried that Charlie would be disappointed by his answer and decided to explain,"I don't love her so I can't force myself to be with her. However, you are my son and that will never change. I may not be with her, but my love and dedication towards you will always be there."

"Does that make sense? Does it bother you?" Charles asked. He gazed at his son, worried about his reaction.

"Honestly, I knew you don't want be with her," revealed Charlie. He was a down-to-earth kid, with no unrealistic expectations. So he was in no way disappointed. "In fact," added Charlie,"I have tried to get her to realize that as well, but she just doesn't believe me."

Charles was impressed by his son's maturity. However, he still wondered if there was any other reason for his question.

So he attempted to find out,"Now that you know I won't be with her, would you like to come live with me instead?" The thought of leaving Charlie, even temporarily, was becoming hard for him to handle. All it would take was for his son to agree to live with him, and he would do whatever it took to make that happen.

Charlie was torn. That was a big decision to make, and he wasn't sure how he felt about it yet. "I can't answer that right now," concluded Charlie after a few moments of thoughtful consideration.

"Take your time," his dad encouraged him. With a loving smile, Charles added,"You can call me once you decide, or you can

beyond limit. Unable to take his rejection any longer, she forcefully hugged him tight and pleaded,"Charles, don't leave me! I promise I will stay beside you regardless of what you decide to do in the future. I will fix all of my shortcomings just to be with you."

Her words came with crying and sobbing, so that Charles wouldn't have the heart to push her away. Out of nowhere, Charlie opened the door of his bedroom and yelled at Leila impatiently,"Enough! Didn't you hear he doesn't love you?"

His words came as a shock to both Leila and Charles. She was hoping Charlie would be on her side. As if she hadn't heard anything the kid said, Leila ran up to him begging,"Charlie, help me convince your father not to leave. Ask him to stay and live with us."

"Shut up!" Charlie ordered her. "He is my father but not your husband. Love can't be forced. If he marries you because you begged him, it's very likely that you two will get divorced sooner or later. I keep telling you that; why can't you see it?" he persisted.

Her face fell as she heard Charlie speak. Leila never expected him to be against her, and could not snap out of her shock. The only reason she took him and raised him was for Charles, and now all her sacrifice was proving to be in vain.

Charlie ignored Leila and turned over to his father saying,"You can go now. It's okay. You don't need to be here anymore."

Although Charlie was a kid, his mannerisms were just like those of an adult. He knew to stand up for what was right, and Leila's attitude was only making him angry.

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