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   Chapter 536 A Counter Proposal

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With a bitter smile, Leila continued,"My heart broke when I saw you in despair after Autumn disappeared. At that time, I believed I could take care of Charlie alone, but later found out I was wrong. The boy always pretends to be strong in front of me. But like other children, I know he yearns for a father's love. He expects excursions to the amusement park or the aquarium. I kept thinking I could both be a mother and father to him. Then I realized he always needs his father's care and love. So, however hard I tried, I couldn't replace his father."

She paused to take a breath. "Since then, I've thought of how I could give him a complete family." Miserable, Leila buried her face in her hands and cried out,"It was all my fault! I should have pushed you away when you thought I was Autumn."

Her chest heaved before she made the tears stop falling. Then she moved closer to Charles and gripped his hand. "Mr. Lu…" she pleaded, tears pooling in her eyes. "I love you! I gave birth to Charlie for you. Autumn is no longer in your life. Can't you give me a chance and give your son the family he deserves?" she begged him. Sniffing back the tears, Leila went on,"I promise to serve you well and take care of our small family. I won't mind even if you don't love me. Just let me stay with you."

"Let me go!" Charles shouted while shaking off her hand violently. His attitude towards Leila did not change, even after learning of Charlie's existence.

Charles did not hate the boy. It was Leila he couldn't accept.

She stared at the hand he shoved away but persisted,"Mr. Lu, I know you're mad at me. But the boy is innocent." Looking at him with pitiful eyes, she begged,"Can't you do this for our son's sake?"

"Leila, I wish…" he stopped as he felt the fury rise. "I could kill you now!" The w

r forget Autumn?" Charles asked as he sounded incredulous.

The woman nodded. With a small smile, Leila declared,"I believe you'll learn to appreciate my kindness and accept me one day. I truly hope you can consider my offer for our son."

"You won't mind…" Charles snorted, and then plastered a cold smile on his face. "But I do!" he thundered. Leila was taken aback by his raised voice.

When Charles learned that he and Leila had a child, he mourned for his wife even more and was so sorry for the indiscretion.

"If I truly offended you in the past, I apologize," he told Leila. "I will take responsibility for the boy. If you agree, I will bring him into the Lu family and raise him as my son. I'll give him the best life, and will make sure he receives the best education in spite of his family name," Charles offered. Leila didn't like how the negotiation was turning out.

"What do you mean by that?" she queried.

"As for you…" the man frowned again. "All I can do is compensate you. I'll give you money. It doesn't matter how much you want," Charles offered.

And if Leila wanted everything he possessed, he would agree as long as the woman promised never to bother him again.

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