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   Chapter 532 Charlie Dropped Out Of School

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Seeing Sheryl approaching with drinks and a hamburger in her hands, Charlie got the answer to his question. However, he still wanted to hear it from her.

Looking at Charlie's morose expression, she explained,"Hey. I just bought some food for you."

At her words, a big smile spread on his face. Suddenly, Sheryl realized that Charlie must have thought she had left him without saying goodbye.

Somehow, she found herself liking this remarkable boy. Instinctively, she felt a strange connection with him and a strong urge to take care of him.

Teasingly she asked,"Why were you looking nervous just now? Were you afraid that I left without telling you?"

Blushing slightly, Charlie avoided Sheryl's gaze. "Of course not! I don't care about you," he said trying to sound uncaring.

"You don't have to admit it if you don't want to." Feeling pleased, Sheryl smiled to herself secretly. She knew that he cared about her although he tried to act indifferently.

Spontaneously, she gave Charlie a big hug and asked him happily,"Are you hungry? Please eat before the burger gets cold." Sheryl placed a wrapped hamburger in Charlie's little hands.

Normally, Charlie was very strict in food and never ate junk food like hamburgers. But this hamburger was bought for him by Sheryl and he didn't want to refuse her. The affection in her eyes when she looked at him made him happy.

Sitting down beside Sheryl, he took a small bite from the hamburger. He was surprised to learn that it tasted good and began to eat earnestly.

"Do you skip school often?" Sheryl asked him curiously. Opening a can of soft drink, she put it beside him.

Looking a little embarrassed, Charlie nodded and said,"I've already learned the knowledge taught in school. I prefer to spend my time on what I like."

That sounded incredible coming from such a small boy, but she knew he was telling the truth. The book she saw him reading was too advanced for his age.

Looking at Charlie sternly, she said,"If you already know what they taught at school, you should tell your mother. Don't skip school again, otherwise, your teacher and your mother will worry about you."

Sheryl knew that she could reach Charlie with her words, so she tried to persuade him not to make a habit of skipping school.

Tilting his head, he looked straight at Sheryl and said,"My mom doesn't care about me."

Comparing Leila and Sheryl

ait!" Leila called sharply after Charlie. Charles had been avoiding her recently. He delegated most of his works that he needed to finish with Leila to David. She was getting frustrated. She wanted to talk to Charles about Charlie, but he never gave her a chance.

She had decided to tell Charles everything and introduce him to Charlie. But before that, she had to tell Charlie so he would know what he should do tomorrow night.

"Charlie, I want to tell you something…" Her words were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. It was Charlie's teacher. The teacher complained about his truancy today and warned Leila that if Charlie continued skipping school, then he would be expelled. She told Leila to take the matter seriously.

Charlie was obviously listening to her conversation with his teacher. Thinking that he would have to change school anyway once he was reunited with his father, Leila turned back to the phone. "I have been busy recently and that's the reason why I sent Charlie to your kindergarten. If you will order him to quit school for such a trivial matter, then I think I have no need to continue letting him stay there. I will send him to a better kindergarten when the summer vacation is over," she told the teacher haughtily.

Leila put down the phone and turned to look at Charlie. "You don't have to go to school tomorrow."

Charlie's face lit up at the news. "Okay!" he answered with pleasure. Finally! Charlie nodded his head in agreement. He never wanted to go to school from the beginning. Now his wish was fulfilled. He could spend his time on what he liked.

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