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   Chapter 531 The Encounter

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As Sheryl was checking out the kindergarten facilities, she heard a boy's voice from the fence. "Can you help me get down?" he pleaded.

She followed the direction of the voice and saw the boy sitting on top of the fence. Sheryl found herself staring at a cute little boy with big eyes, and his suit with matching serious expression amused her.

Sheryl surmised the little boy must have been up there a long time and didn't know how to make his way down the fence. Fortunately, he saw someone to ask for help.

Squinting due to the sunlight, she asked,"How did you get there?" He was seated, but Sheryl felt a little nervous that he might fall. She held a hand over her eyes to see better and waited for his reply.

The contempt she heard in his voice surprised her. "Are you stupid? Of course, I climbed to get up." At that moment, Sheryl recalled an obscure man's face and his voice gently saying,"Stupid!"

The memory shocked her a little, and she remained still.

"Hey! Did you hear what I said?" His voice broke into her thoughts. She peered at him again. The boy now seemed nervous, afraid of being seen by others.

Before she could help him down, Sheryl wanted to put the boy at ease. "Are you a student at this kindergarten?" she asked.

He nodded. "Yes, I am." The boy now looked at Sheryl with fearful eyes. He pleaded,"Please help me down. I'm scared."

The woman took pity and helped him get down slowly. Once his feet touched the ground, she asked him pointedly,"Tell me honestly why you climbed the fence."

His face blushed in embarrassment. Reluctantly, he admitted,"I don't like being in school." He slowly looked into Sheryl's eyes.

The boy had already learned everything they were teaching in kindergarten and didn't care to mingle with other children not as intelligent as him. He resented the feeling of isolation, which was why he didn't want to be in school.

"But why?" Sheryl prodded. It confused Sheryl how someone so young could appear so mature. "Where are your father and mother?" she inquired. Horrified at the thought, the woman added,"Do they know you tried

think if he was a genius.

Then she thought about her daughter. The girl was about the same age as Charlie and was smart. But she still couldn't count numbers correctly.

In her mind, it was such a huge difference between the two children.

Charlie was quite absorbed with the book so Sheryl didn't bother him.

Other librarians saw the boy and greeted him,"Wow, your mother is also here, Charlie!"

Another said,"Your mom looks very pretty, Charlie."

He would smile but say nothing.

Realizing that Charlie was too concentrated on his book, Sheryl stepped out of the library to buy a hamburger and drinks in case he got hungry or thirsty later.

She chose hot drinks even if it was summertime because Sheryl believed they were more healthy for children.

The boy was preoccupied reading that he didn't notice Sheryl go out. When he finished the book and wanted to leave, he couldn't find the woman and started to panic.

Worry was written all over his tiny face. His expression of one brow arched was similar to that of one man. Charlie didn't speak but walked very quickly, and the frown on his face was an indication of his feelings.

He was walking fast searching for Sheryl when she noticed his nervous expression as she came back to look for him.

His worried look vanished the minute he saw the woman. As she approached, he stared into her eyes and asked,"Where did you go?"

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