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   Chapter 527 Round-faced Girl

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"As for Autumn's tragic accident, I can't help but feel sorry for you buddy. Three years have passed Charles. It's about time that you move on," Eric empathically said as he tapped Charles' right shoulder.

Charles gloomily replied,"It's easy for you to say that Eric. You're not the one who lost someone... someone whom you loved more than yourself. You have no idea how deeply hurt I am. Autumn is everything to me. Now, I really don't know what to fight for. I feel so lost."

Charles always believed that his love for his wife, Autumn, was unwavering. However, what happened last night made him feel guilty and sorry for Autumn. It consumed him.

"Enough already, stop thinking about sad memories," Eric said cheerfully after seeing the persistent sorrow swept across Charles' face. In an effort to change the mood, Eric excitedly grabbed Charles' left arm, and then chuckled,"We haven't seen each other for quite a long time. How about we have some fun, yeah? There's a great place I know. I'm pretty sure you will like it. A bit later, I'll be meeting some friends there. Don't worry, they are our common friends, so you absolutely know all of them."

Eric was a typical and adventurous second generation wealthy heir. He was known among their family circle and acquaintances for being recklessly extravagant. Although, he was already thirty years old, he had never thought about getting married or starting his own business.

For him, marriage meant the end of love. He would only consider getting married over his dead body.

That was the reason why Eric only kept on fooling around and just tagged along with his happy go lucky friends. Very much unlike him, his best friend Charles stopped hanging out with their group since he got married.

When Autumn was still alive, Charles strongly turned down Eric's invitations to go out and paint the town red. But today, agitation and guilt overpowered him. Charles used drinking as one of the needed outlets to vent his feelings out.

So, without hesitation, he agreed immediately.

They boarded Eric's flashy SUV, a black Bentley Bentayga. Eric drove speedily to the rendezvous. Eric went inside the flower-covered, arch entrance. Charles saw the dimly-lit facade of the place and surmised that the place was a private club.

The perfectly hidden club was a place where affluent clienteles were provided with exceptional entertainment of all sorts. Eric stopped the car in front of the valet and handed over the key, got off and walked towards the bulky bouncer beside the club's closed door. "He is with me," Eric announced as he pointed to Charles. The bouncer immediately recognized Eric and respectfully greeted him. He then opened the door to let them in. The lobby's dimmed, purple lights showed a mixture of millennial and middle-aged, seemingly successful men and provocatively dressed young women. The soothing sound of jazz music and expensive smell of perfume exuded a sophisticated and glamorous ambiance. In that kind of place, as long as you have money, you could enjoy all kinds of services, including taking the one that you fancy on.

Eric, being a VIP member of the club, had booked a large private room in advance. Guided b

Charles answered dismissively. When the girl heard Charles' condescending words, the girl's round face turned pale with embarrassment. But she quickly shifted to a controlled contempt of Charles.

She gazed at Charles while saying,"If I weren't born in a poor family and needed to send tuition fees for my younger siblings, I wouldn't be working here. Perhaps, I'll be like those women later." "Sir, today is my first working day here. I'm still pure you know," she proudly added, trying to entice Charles.

One of the guys overheard what she said and blurted,"Did you fellas hear that? She's still a virgin!" One of the guys, exploded with his wry comment,"Charles, come on, stop being so rude." The rest of Eric's friends started to laugh obnoxiously.

Another guy followed up with a nasty joke,"I know your wife is long dead. I think, this girl is damn good. If you're attracted to her, you can take her home. It has been three years since your wife died. I don't believe you haven't touched even a single woman for three years."

A big laughter again filled out the room. Charles tightened his grip around his wine glass as he tried his best not to burst out with anger.

"Perhaps you're all wrong," another man brashly yelled, giving a weird laugh. After a paused, he said,"Unless Charles already lost his sex drive. Otherwise, I don't believe he could still do THAT."

Eric realized that Charles would soon lose his temper just by seeing Charles' vein-laced hands. Pointing his right forefinger at the two drunk guys, he shouted angrily,"Stop it! If you'll continue with all these bullshit, you'd better get the hell out of here. Both of you!"

The two lowered their heads and remained silent. Both of them didn't dare to oppose Eric. The two rather unruly guys were not exactly Eric's true friends. They only befriended him either because of his money or his influential family.

Eric then turned to the perplexed, round-faced girl and indifferently commanded,"You can leave now."

Obviously with all the shenanigans, Charles didn't enjoy his meal. Very concerned, Eric gazed at Charles who continued drinking alone.

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