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   Chapter 526 Dwelling On The Aftermath

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An overwhelming feeling of anguish washed over him. His heart started racing a hundred miles an hour at the sight of Leila's naked back.

Dazzled by the bright sunlight, he couldn't even focus. He needed to recall what had happened the night before. How did he end up in bed with his employee?

In spite of all his efforts, his memory was completely blurry. Flashes of shots going down his throat and the moment when Leila mentioned Autumn's name were all he could remember.

Charles felt weak, ashamed and most of all, guilty. He had not touched another woman for all these past years up until last night. Not sure how to react to it all, he decided to run away.

He moved across the room quietly as to not wake Leila up, picked up his clothes from the ground and put them on with trembling hands. His shirt buttons kept slipping in between his fingers, so he decided to button just enough of them leaving the top three open. He then grabbed his crumpled suit jacket, tiptoed to the door and immediately fled the room without hesitation.

Leila had been awake throughout the entire time. As soon as he shut the door, she sat straight up pondering on the consequences of last night's events. She didn't feel ready for a conversation about it, so she pretended to sleep. Charles wasn't in the best condition to talk about it either. She knew they'd have to discuss it at some point but it would be best to wait for the right moment.

They both needed enough space and time for things to sink in first.

Looking at the empty room, she ran her hands over her face overpowered by doubt. 'Did I scare him away? But if I hadn't done this, I would have never stood a chance against Autumn's memory, ' she thought pathetically.

It hadn't been the first time she had gotten so close to Charles, but it was the first time she had to stage something like this on him. It was all new territory for her as well.

Leila was just about to call Chris and inform her that the plan had gone smoothly, when Chris' own call popped up on her screen. As soon as she answered, the voice on the other end felt as if it had pierced through her eardrum,"My brother didn't come home last night. Was he with you?"

"Yes, he was," Leila replied but without any excitement in her voice. "He just woke up, and as soon as he saw me lying down beside him, he ran away..."

With a slightly apologetic tone, Chris chuckled and reassured Leila,"Charles loved Autumn deeply. He hasn't dated anyone after her. If I were in his shoes, I'd feel panicked too. It's a lot to take in all at once. But don't worry. Now that you were intimate, I don't think there will be any problems in winning his heart. Besides, you also have his son, Charlie. My brother will not want to leav

on his poor wife.'

Sue's disgust towards him was becoming stronger by the second, and she wasn't even hiding it.

Caught off guard by Sue's sarcastic remark, Charles panicked. He bit his lips staring silently at her for a few moments, and then quickly uttered,"Sorry, I've got to go now."

That only made Sue even more furious.

'I HAVE to get out of here... where is the damn exit? I'm losing my mind, ' he thought to himself while leaving Sue behind.

However, when it rains, it pours. As soon as Charles finally found the hotel exit door, he caught sight of Eric. It suddenly dawned on him that his friend owned that hotel. Of course he would risk running into him!

His first instinct was to ignore Eric and walk in the opposite direction. However, his friend had already seen him and ran over to him excitedly. "Charles," he yelled leaving Charles no option but to stop. "How could you be like this, man? Every time I ask you out, you refuse saying you're busy. And today here you are!

What are you doing here at this hour by the way? Don't tell me you slept here last night?" Eric's questions seemed endless. Charles just wanted him to stop, but Eric was just getting started. With a sly smile on his face, he continued questioning,"Oh! Were you here with someone? Did you have a date behind my back?"

"Stop talking nonsense," retaliated Charles in frustration. He had gotten fed up of Eric's comments. In general, he wouldn't mind them but Eric touched upon a soft spot just then. Whatever had happened the night before was not a date! How dare he think that about him!

Looking at Charles' serious expression, Eric knew that he still couldn't let Autumn go. Even though it had been three years of living without her, her memory was still alive in his heart and mind.

His friend was stuck in the past.

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