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   Chapter 525 Trapped in Circumstances

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The following day, Anthony and Shirley went to see Sheryl off at the airport. Sue was already waiting for her by the gate. Sheryl wasn't eager to leave. So Anthony tried to encourage her,"We will see each other soon; don't worry."

However, his words were no match for her deflated mood; she didn't want to leave them. Even after passing the security check, Sheryl still wouldn't let them leave her sight. She kept waving goodbye but was not taking any steps towards her gate. So Sue decided to pull her away and teasingly said,"If you're so hesitant to leave, just go back and marry him."

Sheryl smiled but said nothing in return.

On a different note, she had heard that BM Corporation's owner was on the same flight with them, but she hadn't seen him yet... perhaps on landing she would. However, after landing everyone was rushed into a bus and taken promptly to the hotel. Sue and Sheryl were given one suite together. As soon as they got inside the room they both collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

Dinner time had arrived, and all meals are provided throughout the residential course. However, Sue had other plans. Being that it was their first time together in Y City, she convinced Sheryl to go eat out with her.

"You know," Sue began sharing nostalgically,"before I went to the US, I was here once before. I remember there are mountains and rivers around; I really liked it here. At that time, I've actually thought about buying a house in this place, once I had enough money, and spending the rest of my life here."

That thought amused Sheryl. Her mind hadn't gotten that far; so she commented,"Come on, don't you agree it's a little bit early for you to think about that?" Sue turned around and looked at Sheryl, taken aback by her reaction.

After a short pause, she asked,"Too early?" She obviously didn't agree. "I don't think it is early at all. Time passes so fast, and we only live once; I don't ever want to do anything that I may regret in the future."

Sheryl was speechless for a moment. She didn't understand where Sue was coming from. She wanted to dig for answers but didn't quite know where to begin.

"Hey, Sher, what about this one?" asked Sue excitedly, pointing at a hot-pot restaurant. One of the first things that Chinese people would do while abroad was finding and eating at a hot-pot restaurant. Those meals made them feel most at home. Now that they were in China, Sue decided to eat hot-pot.

So, not surprisingly, Sheryl agreed,"Okay, hot-pot it is!" Excited about their find, and the delicious food there, they ordered a lot of dishes. Therefore, by the end of their meal, they were so stuffed that they could barely move.

"If I weren't so full, I'd show you around more. But now, I'm not even sure I can walk back to the hotel," said Sue in between huffs. Sheryl was also too full to explore the area.

Laughing at Sue's comment, she agreed "I'm totally there with you." They both continued giggling at their condition for a while; however, after thinking about it a bit longer, they realized it was

the heartbreak he felt after she was gone. Leila wasn't too thrilled about the conversation but he didn't seem to want to change the topic. So she kept her cool and allowed him to release all the negative emotions he had been keeping inside. However, his memories of Autumn became too much for him to handle, so he began drinking shot after shot of tequila, no less. Leila didn't try to stop him either; in the end, she figured that would be a good opportunity for her to make her way into his bed faster.

The alcohol began revealing all his secrets, including the story about him perhaps seeing Autumn's figure outside, the night before. It was obvious that in reality he hadn't convinced himself that it was just an illusion. He looked at Leila with a hopeful expression and said,"Tell me, Leila. Tell me that she's still alive. She must still be alive, right?"

Leila knew that Charles was already too drunk, so she suggested to end the dinner. She helped him up from the chair explaining,"Mr. Lu, you drank too much; let me take you to your room."

Resting part of his weight on her shoulders, Leila took Charles to the hotel room she had booked the previous day. Chris' words had influenced her drastically, and she was now excited to make the next move.

Alcohol is often the first resort when a man is sad or depressed. However, it also turns him into an easy prey. Charles had drank too much that night and was slowly fading out of consciousness.

The next morning, he woke up hungover, with an unbearable headache. Once he opened his eyes wide, the white ceiling with the huge chandelier indicated that he wasn't at home.

Confused, he struggled to sit up, but as soon as he turned his face towards the window, he saw Leila lying beside him naked. In shock, he jumped out of the bed, trying to piece together the events of the previous night.

There was no point in trying, though. What had transpired was obvious. Leila's underwear, heels and the white dress she was wearing the night before, were all on the ground.

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