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   Chapter 523 The BM Corporation

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Leila didn't mind that Charles had made an appointment with Aron and his wife; she knew she still had enough time to achieve her plan.

Charles allowed his employees to get off early from work that night. That was good news for David and Alice, as they could really use some quality time together. Their plans were already set: have dinner early and watch a good comedy movie.

Leila, on the other hand, didn't care much for the time off. She gave Charles an appreciating smile and continued on with her work. As David went to start off his car, Alice had cleared up her desk and was getting ready to leave, when she saw Leila still in her chair. Surprised, Alice sat her coat down, and approached Leila inquiring,"How come you're still here?"

"I have a few more tasks left to finish, but I won't be much longer either," answered Leila politely. "You go ahead; don't worry about me." She then forced a quick smile and went back to handling her files.

"Do you need help?" asked Alice slightly concerned. She remembered there was a kid waiting for Leila at home. Perhaps if she could help her finish her work faster, Leila could go home sooner to be with her son.

Leila, however, wasn't too keen on getting any help. She smiled at Alice once more and then replied,"That's ok. I can handle them. This is a good opportunity for you and David to spend a relaxing evening together; don't waste your time here with me. I've got this."

"But don't you have your kid at home waiting?" wondered Alice, now even more surprised by her refusal. She was genuine in her offer to help and couldn't understand why Leila wouldn't take her up on it. So she insisted,"Your son is very young, right? You should go home early and take care of him. I can help you; it's no problem for me."

As if awaken from a trance, Leila immediately raised her eyes towards the wall clock and exclaimed,"Oh, no! I have to go pick him up from school. I'll just take these files home."

"Okay, then," replied Alice relieved. She was quite glad that Leila wasn't going to spend more time at the office. "Bring your son here some day; I'd like to meet him," she added encouragingly.

"Okay, I will," replied Leila with half a smile. As soon as Alice left, she started packing up the folders that she needed to bring home with her.

If it weren't for the kid, she wouldn't leave work until after Charles did. But she didn't want to be too late to pick up Charlie.

A sudden feeling of guilt started to overcome her since she had only been doing the strictly necessary at work. Leila wasn't giving it her all those days and Charles deserved more. Interrupting her thoughts, Charles opened up his office door all ready to leave.

He w

ately, Autumn left them before she knew Isla was pregnant. What wouldn't she give for her to see Amanda now! Amanda had been her main consolation after the sad news about Autumn. Her cute, little smile made any worry a bit more tolerable. Every time she looked at her, she somehow found faith that Autumn was ok wherever she was.

'Maybe God sent Amanda to us so that she could fill in the void that Autumn left, ' Isla thought.

"What's the matter?" asked Charles after noticing Amanda's serious face. Leaning in close, he looked her attentively in the eyes with a reassuring smile.

Pouting, Amanda replied,"Mom told me that I can only get married when I grow up. Daddy, can you tell me when I will grow up?"

Charles couldn't help but laugh. Though, he didn't want her to be embarrassed by his laughter; so he quickly settled for a large smile saying,"And why are you thinking about that now? You want to get married? Tell me, which boy have you fallen in love with?"

"Stop talking nonsense, Amanda," stated her father angrily. Aron didn't like hearing her talk like that. She was too young to think about marriage, and he felt it was inappropriate for Amanda to say that in front of Charles, especially after what she had told them at home.

Amanda tilted her head slightly to the left, attempting to soften her dad's heart with her cute look, and then said,"I didn't say anything wrong."

Her words made Aron even more embarrassed and slightly annoyed. Confused and frowning by this point, Charles attempted to clarify,"What's wrong with you?"

"Let me tell you," intervened Isla. She then sighed and continued in an embarrassed tone as well,"The last time she saw you, Amanda told me that when she grew up, she wanted to marry you. Aron then asked her why, and guess what she answered?"

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